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Health and Wellness Tidbits

Gendered Medicine

  Worldwide, most chronic pain sufferers are women. And yet, doctors consistently tend to dismiss pain reported by women. In one study, doctors were shown videotapes of actors showing chest pain and given data about the hypothetical patients. The women were believed to have heart disease much less often than the men. Similarly, both aContinue Reading

Why you don’t have 6-pack abs

  6-pack abs are one of those things it seems everyone wants. Bodybuilders have them, models have them, that lifeguard from the pool has them, so why can’t you? The reason most people don’t have a 6-pack is because there’s too much fat in front of them. In order to see a 6-pack, you’d haveContinue Reading

The newest way to train

  Interval training has swept the work out scene recently, with better workouts in less time. The only problem: they’re not that fun. Multiple studies have had problems studying the effects of interval training because no one wants to do it. In Dr. Jens Bangsbo’s study, athletes had to be convinced into doing it andContinue Reading

YouTube craze- how to use it and learn something in the process

  You know how one YouTube video can lead to clicking one of the suggested ones and then half an hour later you’re on the weird part of YouTube where people upload spin cycles of their washing machines? There’s a way to make that time not quite as much of a waste: watch educational videos.Continue Reading

Exercise Addiction

  Yes, you can get addicted to exercise What do you do when you get addicted to the runner’s high? Although exercise addiction might seem like a non-problem, it can be just as harmful as any drug addiction. The main symptoms of exercise addiction are dependency, an increasing tolerance, depression and irritability when going throughContinue Reading

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