You know that superhero pose, arms on hips, standing up straight, staring into the distance? Well it turns out standing like that for just a few minutes has some pretty super effects. In the second most viewed TED talk ever, Amy Cuddy explains the science behind this extraordinary phenomenon.
When you stand in that superhero pose, or any other “powerful” pose, you essentially bio-hack yourself. After a few minutes standing there, you’re testosterone levels are up around 20%, making you feel more dominant and assertive. At the same time, your cortisol levels are down about 25%, decreasing your stress levels. All together, by standing like Super Woman, you have just given yourself a major confidence boost.
So before your next presentation, stand in the hall for two minutes in your best superhero power pose. Your confidence will thank you.

Cuddy, Amy. “You’re Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” TEDTalks Jun. 2012. link


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“YouTube” by ivva, licensed by CC BY “Superman” by Tom Bollock, licensed by CC BY 2.0