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Examples of Hypnosis Experiences

Examples of spontaneous hypnosis experiences in everyday life

You may be surprised to learn that you have been hypnotized many times in your life. In fact, you probably go in and out of hypnosis throughout the course of your regular day. Let’s take a look at a few examples of some commonly occurring spontaneous hypnotic experiences:

1. Adults and children spontaneously enter hypnotic trance during the course of a regular day

Have you ever been so absorbed in your work that you lost track of what was going on around you? Have you ever had an experience of losing yourself in a book or a movie to the point that you forgot about everything else? And what about daydreaming? Have you ever lost yourself in your thoughts to the degree that you did not hear people calling your name, or perhaps you missed your exit when driving? All of these experiences are common examples of self-induced hypnosis.


Children have an amazing ability to go in and out of hypnosis during the course of a regular day. Most children naturally slip into hypnosis every time they become absorbed in mental or physical play. That’s why you may repeatedly call them to dinner and they won’t respond. They are not trying to ignore you—they actually don’t hear you. They are so focused on what they are doing that they don’t attend to anything else. By definition, that’s hypnotic trance!

2. Athletes and performing artists frequently enter a hypnotic trance

Athletes, musicians, dancers, actors, and other performing artists may become so completely immersed in their practice or performance that it is obvious to an observer that nothing else exists to them at that moment. They are in a hypnotic trance. The hypnotic trance experienced by athletes and performers is frequently called “the zone” or “flow”. When in hypnosis, athletes, artists and performers reach peak performance levels. Because of that, many professional sports teams have a hypnotist on staff.



Guided Hypnosis

You can deliberately enter a hypnotic trance by creating specific images in response to verbal suggestions given by a hypnotist. This intentional hypnotic process is called guided hypnosis.

Guided hypnosis experience in a clinical setting

guided hypnosis
In a clinical setting, hypnotic process is performed in a controlled and structured manner. Once a hypnotherapist learns what your specific goals are, he/she helps you to intentionally enter a hypnotic trance. When you are in a trance, he/she gives you specific suggestions to facilitate the changes necessary for achievement of your self-improvement, health or wellness goals. Read more about hypnotherapy at New Body ~ New Mind >

“I thought I would have difficulties relaxing and going into hypnosis because I had never been able to relax when trying to meditate at home. To my surprise, even at the first session I had no trouble following the messages and cues from Teresa and I relaxed very fast and very deeply. I was surprised how easy it was: I just listened to what Teresa was saying and before I knew, I felt so safe and so comfortable that I didn’t care about anything else.” Read more about what our former patients say >



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