For confidentiality, patients' names have been removed

testimonialsThanks to Teresa I have improved by lacrosse and basketball game tremendously. I’ve been listening to the recordings from hypnosis sessions before each game, which helps me focus much better than ever before and ignore distractions to the point that I don’t see or hear anything not related to the game. My goal is to go to college on athletic scholarship and I know that it will happen. Thank you, Teresa.

- Female 16

testimonialsMy husband and I are very grateful we found Teresa. We were referred to her by our daughter’s child psychologist. Her hypnosis sessions with Teresa have completely changed her life (and our lives): she went from a shut-down, fearful child to an opened-up, happy child. She stopped sleeping in our bedroom and is happy sleeping in her own bedroom. She is no longer afraid of the dark. She enjoys going to school and playing with her friends. We could not be more thrilled with the results of hypnotherapy and we highly recommend Teresa to any parent who worries about their child.

- Female 10

testimonialsOur son suffered from perseverative eating disorder (“picky eater”): there was a very limited list of foods he was willing to eat; he would not touch any fruit or veggies because he was repulsed just by a thought of them. Inadequate nutrition affected our son’s health and rate of growth. We got to the point that if he hadn’t improved his food intake he would have had to be hospitalized. We worked with a psychiatrist, psychologist, GI doctor and a dietitian but the situation was not improving. Eventually we became so desperate that we followed an advise of a friend whose daughter did hypnosis with Teresa and we scheduled hypnotherapy sessions for my son. We were amazed at the results of hypnosis. Teresa has real talent for working with children. Our son adored her and really liked his hypnosis sessions. Teresa was very creative, coming up with age- appropriate pictures, metaphors and messages that were meaningful and appealing to our son. She was boosting his self-confidence and praised him for even small accomplishments. Within just a few sessions we started adding some fruit and veggies to his diet and we were gradually expanding the menu. We also noticed a dramatic improvement our son’s his mood, ability to handle unexpected situations and new ideas. He also became more assertive and more confident and much more open socially. We had no doubts that all these positive changes were a direct effect of hypnotherapy. I am now a firm believer in hypnotherapy and I would highly recommend it as a treatment for both children and adults.

- Male 9

testimonialsI could never thank Teresa enough for helping my 12- year old son to stop bed-wetting. After just one hypnosis session we already saw an improvement. We could not believe that with the total of three sessions the problem was permanently gone, which did wonders for my son’s self-esteem. My son is now able to participate in sleep-overs and we are planning to send him to an overnight camp without any worries.

- Male 12

testimonialsMy daughter, after being treated by Teresa at the age of 13 wrote a paper about her, titled “My Personal Hero”. It’s been a number of years since she completed her treatment of severe, daily headaches, jaw pain and other painful conditions at New Body – New Mind and to this day, she remains absolutely pain-free. My daughter is now in college. She excels at school, plays sports and lives a life of a happy, healthy girl her age. None of us every thought that it would be possible. Thank you, Teresa!

– Female, 59

testimonialsTeresa treated my 7-year old son using her magical hands. It was like a miracle! Physical benefits of the treatment were amazing, but I was equally impressed be Teresa’s ability to connect with the child and show him love, compassion and genuine, selfless interest. My son loved coming for treatments with Teresa and still talks about her, even though he is all better and does not see her anymore.

– Female, 43

testimonialsIf you are looking for a myofascial pain specialist, Teresa is the best. She’s treated my neck, back, feet and legs on different occasions. She can use trigger point release to get rid of stubborn knots in the muscles like no one else! But when she treated my mother, she used much gentler techniques, also with great success. I could not recommend her more to anyone who suffers from myofascial pain.

– Male, 49

testimonialsTeresa saved my life! I had chronic, incapacitating back pain for 3 years. I saw chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists and physical therapists – nobody could help me. Then I found Teresa. The difference was night and day. Now I no longer wake up in the morning with back pain. I am walking up to 5 miles a day and am able to garden without back pain. What a relief! Life is a pleasure again.

– Female, 53

testimonialsI developed pain on my hand and forearm which practically prevented me from working. I tried traditional PT but it had very limited effect. My boss was treated by Teresa for a similar problem and suggested that I would consult her. I am glad that I did: Teresa explained to me that my pain was myofascial. She used special techniques to manually release trigger points and my pain gradually started subsiding and eventually went away.

– Male, 32

testimonialsI suffered from chronic pain in my hip and buttock. I was treated by my chiropractor because I thought that it was a recurrence of sciatica, but spinal adjustments didn’t make any difference. My doctor suggested that I stop chiro- and see Teresa. Teresa diagnosed me with “myofascial pain”. After working on a number of knots in tight muscles, even after my first session I felt better. With continued treatment my pain fully resolved.

– Male, 44

testimonialsI suffered from tinnitus for many years. I contacted Teresa because I exhausted all treatment options and I wanted to try hypnosis as the last resort. I found hypnosis very helpful. I am now able to ignore sounds in my ears, so even though tinnitus is still there, it did not bother me anymore. In fact, most of the time I don’t even notice it. Hypnosis also improved my sleep and my ability to manage everyday stresses. Even my wife noticed a positive difference in my mood and overall functioning.

-Male, 38

testimonialsMy acupuncturist recommended that I see Teresa for treatment of tinnitus. I did not know that there was any treatment for that at all because I saw many doctors and they could not help me. During the first appointment Teresa found that some of my face and neck muscles had tender spots in them and when she was pressing on these spots my ringing in the ears was changing. She showed me pictures illustrating how these muscles could affect ears. I was very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and excellent bed-side manner, so I decided to pursue treatment. I am very satisfied with the results – the sound in my ear is no longer constant and when it’s there, it’s not as loud as it used to be, so I can actually not pay attention at it.

-Female, 44

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind treated my TMJ, headache and tinnitus and I could have not asked for a more professional and more effective care. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone who suffers from these conditions.

-Male, 46

testimonialsI saw many ear doctors for ringing in the ear. The ringing was so annoying that it was difficult to focus on my work. At night ringing was even louder, so I had issues with falling asleep. Everyone was telling me that there was nothing wrong with my ears. Eventually one doctor told me that if I found someone who could massage face muscles, I might be able to get some relief. I am so glad that I found Teresa’s web-site. We started working together and her manual therapy made a huge difference. In addition to working on the muscles I also did hypnosis with her to learn how to stop focusing on the ears all the time and it was very helpful too. I highly recommend this kind of therapy to anyone who suffers from tinnitus.

-Female, 51

testimonialsI was referred to Teresa for treatment of TMJ. I never expected that this treatment would also help my tinnitus. I no longer have any jaw pain and ringing in the ear is gone! Thank you, Teresa.

-Female, 34

testimonialsSleep apnea specialist referred me to Teresa because within a month of using a sleep apnea device / mouth guard I developed jaw pain and ringing in the ear. With Teresa’s superb hands-on treatment both problems had resolved and I was able to wear the sleep apnea device without any adverse effects.

-Male, 56

testimonialsMy doctor referred me to Teresa because I felt constant urge to pop my ears and I had tinnitus in one ear. He told me that these problems could be caused by jaw muscles. I was skeptical about the idea that muscles could produce ear symptoms, but I decided to give it a try. Teresa was working not only on my jaw muscles but also on specific neck muscles and over a period of three months my symptoms had improved dramatically. As the result of Teresa’s treatments my ears are no longer blocked and ringing in the ear is reduced to the point that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

-Female, 47

testimonialsIf you suffer from tinnitus or stuffy ears go to Teresa! She is not only the best clinician I have ever worked with, but also an inspiring, compassionate person.

-Male, 33

testimonialsI am a soccer player, hoping to become a professional athlete one day. In the last two years I had many problems with my legs, mainly my knees, but I also injured my ankle and I had tight ITB. Teresa is my mother’s physical therapist, so I treated all my injuries with her. I think she is the best. She has always been able to help me and get back to playing soccer. She is also very cool and a fun person to be around.

-Female, 16

testimonialsTeresa has been treating my family for the last 15 years. We feel very fortunate to have her as our physical therapist. She helped my husband recover from total knee replacement. I used her for treatment of back pain, shoulder pain and chronic issues related to TMJ. My daughter saw her for treatment of ankle sprain and, later, for treatment of headaches and neck pain. My son-in- law treated various sports injuries in her practice. We are grateful to have her as out family physical therapist.

-Female, 73

testimonialsTeresa’s kept all my family going throughout the years. Between all of us we have covered all possible physical ailments and none of us would go see to anyone else. We just hope Teresa will remain young and healthy forever, so we can continue coming to her when our bodies fall apart.

-Female, 49

testimonialsI am a competitive runner. I saw Teresa when I developed hip problems, which prevented me from running longer distances (and I paid for it when I attempted to run short distances). Teresa helped me resolve all my issues. I have been running with no problems ever since.

-Male, 19

testimonialsTeresa has helped me resolve carpal tunnel syndrome, which was interfering with my ability to work as a computer programmer. Thanks to Teresa’s treatments I am now able to work without restrictions and I am no longer concerned about my future.

-Male, 31

testimonialsTeresa has been enormously helpful to me, over the years treating my Achilles tendonitis, hip pain, knee pain and balance problems. She is knowledgeable, competent, and caring and I always enjoy her positive attitude. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy treatment for any condition – she’s simply the best!

-Female, 68

testimonialsTeresa is an extremely talented physical therapist who has helped me with plantar fasciitis, back pain, and TMJ issues in the last seven years. She is a very personable, caring therapist who treats patients in her warm, welcoming office with undivided attention. Her treatment and suggested exercises have always given me tremendous relief from physical pain.

-Female, 40

testimonialsI am very athletic, so I tend to get injured quite a bit. Over the years Teresa has treated me for a number of conditions: knee pain, tennis elbow, and hip bursitis—to name just a few. And each time, she has shown exceptional expertise and professionalism. I am glad I have Teresa to go to if I sustain another injury to my body. I completely trust her and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

-Male, 38

testimonialsI was fortunate to receive a recommendation to see Teresa for chronic neck pain and tightness, which I had suffered from for years. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy with other therapists had not worked. Massage brought only temporary relief. Manual therapy with Teresa proved to be so effective that we were able to fully resolve my condition. I am very grateful to Teresa for that, and I am glad I know where to come for help if I have any other problems in the future.

-Female, 48

testimonialsI injured my back about eight years ago, and after suffering from chronic flare-ups, decided it was time to be proactive and stop treating just the symptoms. A good friend recommended Teresa. After a full assessment, Teresa provided treatment and exercises (that were easy to do at home) to strengthen my back and maintain the posture my body required to remain comfortable. Each visit provided a re-evaluation of the exercises and of the treatment needed. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to see Teresa!

-Female, 45

testimonialsI saw Teresa for shoulder tendonitis. One of the great things about Teresa is that she helps you to relax from the moment you enter her door. She is a kind and considerate person, and she is interested in the whole person, not just the injury. She will work with you until you have completely healed. She is located on a main road, but there is easy parking behind her building.

-Female, 60

testimonialsI’ve been having back problems since I went to college, and the back pain got even worse when I started to exercise more often. I was referred to a sports physical therapist to treat my back, but the therapy was not helpful at all and my condition was getting worse. At a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try treatment at New Body ~ New Mind, and by the time Teresa completed my treatment, my back felt strong and I was pain-free. A big part of my treatment was work on my posture and strengthening of my core muscles. Teresa provided me with exercises to do every day at home. (I still continue my exercise program because I feel it allows me to stay pain-free). Teresa’s treatment has worked wonderfully, and I highly recommend physical therapy with her to anyone who has physical issues.

-Female, 25

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind is the best! My doctor suggested physical therapy treatment for my neck pain and shoulder tendonitis, and my sister, who is a registered nurse and former patient of Teresa’s, highly recommended her as well. At each session, Teresa inquired about any changes in my condition and there was a continued ongoing assessment of my progress, which indicated a total commitment to my receiving the best possible level of care. With Teresa’s help, my shoulder range of motion was consistently improving and shoulder and neck pain was decreasing, so I was soon able to stop all pain medications. I was treated at other PT clinics in the past and found my experience at New Body – New Mind to be far superior in terms of individual attention, appropriate treatment, and overall results. I highly recommend New Body – New Mind to all.

-Female, 58

testimonialsA friend referred me to Teresa for treatment of my upper back pain. I had tried virtually everything, including physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage for many years before starting treatment with Teresa. But my pain was just getting worse, and eventually it became so bad that I started taking time off from work every single week. Because of limited success with all my previous treatments I did not have high hopes for my work with Teresa. But I was proven wrong. At my first appointment Teresa explained to me what she thought were the causes of my pain. Her explanation was clear and logical – I am a scientist, and I was glad to see that my physical therapist uses a scientific approach. We started working together, and within a short period of time (4-5 weeks) I no longer experienced pain at rest. It took longer to resolve pain triggered by activity, but we were able to get to that point through carefully chosen exercises that I performed at work (while sitting in a chair) and at home. The entire treatment was well structured and practical and I came out of it with an understanding how to take care of my body and prevent recurrences of pain.

-Female, 47

testimonialsI have known Teresa for many years now. I have arthritis, and I cannot take any pain medications, so I see Teresa any time I develop pain in any part of my body. With Teresa’s help, I have been able to keep myself in good shape and maintain a cooperative body to enjoy a my life.

-Female, 71

testimonialsI was fortunate to meet Teresa a number of years ago when my regularly scheduled physical therapist could not keep his appointment, and Teresa substituted for him. I was immediately impressed with her abilities, and she has been my physical therapist since that day. Teresa is intelligent, caring, and conscientious. She listens carefully, and provides a peaceful atmosphere, which gives the patient confidence and the incentive to follow her course of treatment. She has helped me with several different problems that required physical therapy over the years (back pain, shoulder tendonitis, and hip tendonitis), and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy treatment.

-Female, 45

testimonialsMy experience at New Body – New Mind has always been excellent. I saw Teresa initially for advanced hip bursitis and later, for elbow tendonitis. Unlike other physical therapy services I had used before, the program at New Body – New Mind was totally customized and personal. Teresa really worked to understand my situation and developed solutions best for me. Her high standards for herself (and for me in following through with my exercises) paid off in getting me back into excellent physical condition. I was not only able to resume my daily activities without pain, but also pursue high level athletic and recreational activities. I recommend New Body – New Mind to any person in need of rehabilitation.

-Female, 55

testimonialsTeresa saved me from back surgery! I had a bad sciatica due to multiple herniated disks in my back. I had scheduled surgery, but decided to give physical therapy another chance (I was treated in other physical therapy clinics, but with no success). Teresa’s approach was different from what I had received in other clinics. She did a lot of manual therapy and taught me different, not conventional exercises. And her treatment worked! My pain was gradually decreasing and eventually resolved, so I did not need surgery after all. To this day, I continue the safe exercises I learned when working with Teresa. I am so grateful to Teresa for all her help.

-Female, 51

testimonialsTeresa treated my daughter’s knee pain and her plantar fasciitis. I was extremely impressed with Teresa’s ability to determine what caused the problems. Her treatment was extremely effective, and her ability to interact with my daughter and engage her in the treatment was superb! My daughter actually listened to Teresa (she does not listen to me) and faithfully followed all her instructions, including exercises at home. Not only did the treatments with Teresa resolve both problems, but my daughter has never complained of any pain since!

-Female, 14

testimonialsTeresa treated me for groin pain that made it impossible for me to continue competitive karate training. Teresa was the first person to diagnose me accurately with hip flexors’ sprain related to tight hamstrings. Her treatment was so effective that I was able to return to competitive karate after only six weeks of treatment.

-Male, 19

testimonialsTeresa is the reason I am able to play tennis. She treated me for a frozen shoulder. Prior to her treatment, I could not raise my arm. She treated me with skill and compassion (needed, as the treatment is rather painful). I have referred numerous friends to her. I would not be treated by any other physical therapist. Teresa is unique in her professional approach. She is intelligent and creative. She keeps the patient engaged with her passion for a good life.

-Female, 57

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind is a fantastic physical therapist who has helped me through a variety of ailments over the years, including a sprained ankle, as well as hip, knee, back, and TMJ issues. Teresa is unique in her ability to get to the bottom of the problem and then decide if to use traditional approaches or employ alternative treatments to resolve the issue. All my treatments with Teresa have always been very successful and I have enjoyed working with her immensely because of her upbeat personality and a caring attitude. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

-Female, 64

testimonialsI worked with Teresa on development of a personal exercise program. Because I had difficulties with motivating myself, we also did hypnosis to increase my motivation and find pleasure in physical movement. I am now exercising daily on my own and I love it!

-Female, 33

testimonialsTeresa helped me unlock my body, utilizing non-traditional movement patterns and mental concentration.

-Female, 62

testimonialsI worked with Teresa on development of an exercise program, which I could perform at home. I had never liked sports, so I wanted to create exercises which would combine dance, yoga and Pilates. I am very happy with the result s of our work. I do my exercises every day and, for the first time in my life, I enjoy my daily workout.

-Female, 45

testimonialsI was in need for a strengthening program, which would not aggravate my pelvic floor dysfunction. I’d tried working with physical therapists, but I did not tolerate any lower body or core strengthening exercises. Teresa was willing to work with me in an unconventional way, utilizing exercises she created specifically for me. The main difference between Teresa’s style and the styles of other PTs I worked with (aside from the fact that Teresa was resourceful, creative and willing to work slowly and patiently) was her emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness training.

-Female, 28

testimonialsI wish I had discovered hypnotherapy earlier in life. All my life I have struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety. I’ve been in therapy on and off most of my life and even though I have made good progress, I could never get to the point where I would feel inner peace. Hypnosis has allowed me reach that place of peace, acceptance, and harmony. As a result of hypnotherapy I’ve developed a positive attitude. My negative self-talk is almost gone and if I catch myself being negative again I know exactly how to handle it. Hypnosis has been the most positive and the most empowering experience in my life.

– Female, 67

testimonialsI scheduled hypnosis sessions with Teresa when I learned that I needed a major surgery because I had anxiety related to medical procedures and I was terrified of needles. I was fainting every time I had my blood drawn (I was not able to do the pre-op blood work), I could not imagine having an IV line in my vein and I was feeling anxious just thinking about the surgery. Hypnosis helped me not only with pre-op tests involving blood drawing (after doing hypnosis I was perfectly calm during blood drawing, even though the nurse who did it had difficulties finding my veins and needed to repeat the procedure number of times), but it also prepared me for surgery and for post-surgical recovery. I felt no anxiety entering the hospital and going into the surgery – on the day of my surgery I felt exactly the way Teresa described to me when I was in hypnosis – and I felt completely calm when I woke up in the recovery room with IVs in my veins. My fear of needles, hospitals and medical procedure is fully resolved now, thanks to hypnosis.

– Female, 34

testimonialsWhen my daughter was 13 she wanted to go to an overnight camp with her friends. But this was a problem: she was terrified of thunder and had panic attacks every time she heard it. The problem became so bad I could see she was getting anxious on rainy days or when she saw clouds gathering before rain. Unfortunately, we have many thunder storms in the summer, so if she were to go to a camp, she would have to resolve her anxiety and panic attacks.

My daughter had worked with a child psychiatrist on this issue but, unfortunately, she had not made any progress. Eventually her psychiatrist suggested hypnosis.

Teresa worked with my daughter for 5 weeks. Two weeks after her last session we had a chance to test how hypnosis worked – there was a major storm with thunder and lighting and, to our astonishment, my daughter was perfectly calm. (I became nervous and rushed to her room to console her and she was just sitting on her bed, reading a book, completely relaxed. I could not believe my eyes). Thanks to hypnosis my daughter is no longer afraid of thunder. She’s been doing what every child her age does: going to camp, having sleep-overs, going on trips, etc. and I no longer keep checking weather reports to keep her safe.

– Female, 13

testimonialsHypnosis in the best relaxation tool I have ever found. I have practiced meditation, I’ve done yoga and chakra work, I have many books and relaxation CDs and DVDs, but none of these has worked as well for me as hypnosis.

– Female, 46

testimonialsI used hypnosis for weight loss. I have always struggled with my weight, but once I went through menopause I completely lost control over my body. I could not control my sugar cravings and developed a huge appetite for any food. As a result of that I gained a lot of weight and felt awful about myself. Hypnosis is the only thing I have done that helped me not only lose weight, but to maintain it. Thank you, Teresa!

– Female, 56

testimonialsI am writing it to you to thank you for my first hypnosis session we had yesterday. It was truly a new beginning. During the session I felt like I was in a lullaby, floating around on a cloud without knowing or thinking about time or about where I was. I didn’t have my “guard’ up and even though we were addressing my key issues – somehow I didn’t concern myself with them. Hypnosis was the most liberating mental experience I have ever had – when I was in your office I felt released from all the issues I had been spending the majority of my time thinking about. Released, yet totally tuned in and connected to the positive messages I was hearing from you. It was the calmness that I always have wanted, but had never been able to find. I loved it! Yesterday night, just before going to bed, I listened to the recording you gave me. I find your voice very soothing and calming and within a few minutes, again, I experienced the same feelings of total relaxation I felt in your office. I didn’t expect that I could get so relaxed on my own before bed since I usually stress out about being able to fall asleep. I fell asleep really fast and I slept until 7:30 am today! I woke up feeling great and I enjoyed my coffee and a quiet mind. I can’t stress enough what a HUGE achievement it is for someone like me who’s been wound up all the time. I used to wake up at 3 in the morning and feel like I had already run out of time in the day. I always worried about how I’d get it all done. Today was the first time in many, many years I felt completely different. Thank you Teresa and I look forward to our next session.

– Female, 38

testimonialsHypnosis has had a very positive effect on my life. I came to Teresa because I was overwhelmed by my hectic schedule. I have three children who participate in many after school activities and athletic events. I am often also responsible for picking up their friends and driving a number of excited, loud kids in my car. As a result of that I was feeling frazzled, anxious and getting everyone to where they needed to be on time was really overwhelming to me. I felt that this stress was contributing to my headaches, which were usually worse in the afternoon. The hypnosis sessions with Teresa were very helpful to me. I especially liked the suggestions addressing directly this rushing around. In hypnosis Teresa told me that the internal time flowed much slower than the external time, so that as long as I remain peaceful and calm I will always have plenty of time for everything and that the more I relax around the concept of time, the more I will find time stretching and expanding. To my amazement I was quickly way less stressed while driving the kids around and I no longer feel anxious about getting everyone where they need to be. In fact, now that I am not stressed we actually arrive everywhere much earlier than before (while when I used to be stressed, we were always late). This may seem like a small achievement but getting kids to multiple places happens 7 days a week at multiple times per day, so to me it is a big thing.

I would recommend hypnosis to anyone, as it is safe and non-invasive and can be maintained in the comfort of your home after initial sessions. Self-hypnosis is my best tool for relaxation. Even though my work with Teresa is complete, I am still using recordings from my hypnosis sessions on a regular basis because I like the relaxation effect and I see the positive effects of my practice in all areas of my life.

– Female, 41

testimonialsHypnosis helped me pass my bar exam with flying colors and made the process of studying less stressful and more enjoyable. I would recommend use of hypnosis to anyone who is preparing for any important test or exam.

– Male, 28

testimonialsDear Teresa, I wanted to thank you for my first hypnosis session. I was completely calm and relaxed after our appointment and enjoyed the rest of the day more than any other in recent memory. It truly was the first time in many, many years I didn’t feel anxious. I cannot wait for my next session and I am looking forward to working with the recordings you gave me. I feel like a new person and now I believe I can change and become the calm and peaceful person I have always wanted to be, but until now I did not believe I could be.

– Female, 43

testimonialsI did hypnosis with Teresa because I wanted to eliminate sweets from my diet (my sugar and chocolate cravings were causing a lot of stress and frustration and feeling of being out of control, not to mention they contributed to my weight gain). I was surprised how easy it was for me to go into trance – I thought it would take me a lot of practice, but I was able to do it at the first session. I was able to easily visualize every detail of every cookie and cake and chocolate bar I used to crave and then I followed specific images Teresa was describing to me, which made me change my attitude towards sweets. I had two hypnosis sessions for sugar cravings and I haven’t eaten any of that stuff since then (and it’s been way over a year now). It’s not that I sometimes don’t think of eating sweets or chocolate, but now I don’t feel compelled to have them. If I see sweets now I can consciously think: ” This is not good for me. My body doesn’t need it. Never mind!” and I lose interest in them. And even if I try eating them, they just don’t taste as good to me anymore and I think: “this wasn’t worth it at all”.

– Female, 54

testimonialsI am not a relaxed person and I am an analytical skeptic, so trying hypnotherapy was a stretch for me. I did it because I felt I had no choice. The stress started affecting my health and I needed to learn how to handle it better. I trusted Teresa from the first time I saw her. I felt very comfortable in her office and I was completely comfortable with her – Teresa was very professional, but also warm and caring; she was a good listener and I immediately felt I could trust her.

I thought I would have difficulties relaxing and going into hypnosis because I had never been able to relax when trying to meditate at home. To my surprise, even at the first session I had no trouble following the messages and cues from Teresa and I relaxed very fast and very deeply. I was surprised how easy it was: I just listened to what Teresa was saying and before I knew, I felt so safe and so comfortable that I didn’t care about anything else. I could see every image Teresa was describing to me, from sitting in a cloud chair to pulling out a plug in a bath tub and sending stress down the drain. I couldn’t believe how comfortable and relaxed my body became – I did not feel my body at all (even though I was aware of it), just as I did not have any thoughts popping into my mind (even though I knew I could think if I wanted to).

At my next two sessions I went into hypnosis even deeper because I already knew how to relax and I practiced going into hypnosis at home (Teresa gave me recordings of my sessions). When in deep trance, I could still talk and remain in hypnosis. Just like the first time, all imagery used by Teresa promoted a sense of calm, peace, safety and comfort, but this time in addition to feeling relaxed and peaceful we were also working on my issues and imagining specific stress-producing life situations and developing new reactions to these situations.

The work I did through hypnosis has completely altered my life. I still practice with the recordings of my sessions because I benefit from it. As a result of my (self-hypnosis) practice I am a much calmer, more self-confident and more optimistic person. I am very happy with the results of my hypnotherapy with Teresa and because of my positive experience I often recommend hypnosis to my friends and family members.

– Female, 55

testimonialsI approached Teresa to help my daughter focus and perform to the best of her abilities during swimming competitions. She was an excellent swimmer, but she did not perform well under pressure. Hypnosis helped my daughter tremendously in the area of athletic performance, but what impressed me even more was that it empowered her in a way that also showed in other areas of her life. My daughter is now more assertive and more self- confident. She says that she is able to concentrate better during tests at school, which has resulted in improved grades. She says that she no longer needs to listen to the recordings from her hypnosis sessions because now she can relax and focus on her own.

– Female, 14

testimonialsI did hypnosis for facial tics. I am a business consultant and my tics were particularly bad when I was meeting new clients, which of course was making me very self-conscious and nervous. I was trying to avoid meeting people face-to-face, and I was getting nervous just packing my bag for a business trip. I have tried many interventions for this problem, but none of them worked. I was desperate, so I decided to try hypnosis. I must say that hypnosis was the only thing that worked for me. I may occasionally get nervous thinking about an important meeting, but now I know how to deal with it – if I start feeling slightly anxious, I go back to the recordings of my sessions and that is all I need to do to feel calm again.

– Male, 38

testimonialsI am so glad my GI doctor referred me to Teresa for hypnosis. I have been struggling with GI issues all my life, but the last 10 years were just a nightmare. I got to the point I was afraid to leave the house because I was either constipated or had a diarrhea and I was always bloated and in pain. I could barely work (and it was taking me 3-4 hours just to prepare for leaving to work because of my bathroom needs). I did not have any social life – I could not date anyone and I even didn’t want to see my friends because I never knew when I would need to use the bathroom and I was in constant pain (either from gas or from constipation). I was afraid to eat because even foods I thought were safe for me were causing problems. I felt hopeless and depressed.

I was initially resistant to the idea of hypnosis because I didn’t know how it could help me. I had heard about people using hypnosis to quit smoking or to lose weight, but IBS is a medical problem, so I did not think it would do anything for it. The next time I saw my doctor for a follow up I was in tears and I thought I could not live like that anymore. Again, my doctor insisted I do hypnosis and this time I reluctantly scheduled an appointment. I felt foolish driving for the appointment and I remember thinking “This is crazy! How is she supposed to hypnotize me? I am in pain and stressed to the limits and I don’t even believe in hypnosis”.

That’s what I thought when I entered the office, but I immediately felt at ease when I started talking with Teresa. Somehow I just felt comfortable with her and I trusted she knew what she was doing. She was very professional and she understood IBS very well – it was obvious by the questions she asked me. I felt comfortable talking with her about quite gross and disgusting things like my bowel and bathroom habits. I was still concerned that I would not be able to relax enough to get hypnotized, but it was not the case at all. I actually relaxed very quickly. My body was very heavy even though I felt a floating sensation. The experience was so deeply relaxing that it would have been difficult to move if I had wanted to move. I remember becoming emotional because I felt so good! Once I was in hypnosis Teresa was telling me to think about things related to my body and imagine my stomach and intestines and what was happening there – she was describing everything to me and I just listened. I was surprised that, as we were going through the session, I was able to stop my stomach from churning and stop feeling abdominal pain just by imagining what Teresa was describing to me. I loved the image of a river slowly rolling down, down, down, … Teresa was using her words very deliberately – everything she was telling me had a meaning. When the session was over, I knew that hypnosis would help me with IBS.

We had two more sessions after my first session and I cannot even describe how helpful these sessions were. Until now, every time I imagine the river flowing down I feel my stomach and intestines relaxing, almost like unwinding, and I feel comfortable. Teresa also gave me a sign that I do with my fingers, which helps me relax and center myself. I can do it even when I am talking with somebody – they don’t notice anything, but I immediately feel relaxed and comfortable when I do that. I still listen to different parts of my sessions. I don’t treat it as homework – I really want to do it because it helps me feel good. I think anyone suffering from IBS should do hypnosis – it really makes a huge difference!

– Female, 43

testimonialsSelf-hypnosis I learned through hypnotherapy with Teresa helps me control symptoms of IBS I have struggled with for many years. I have finally stopped being a victim of my disease and took control over my body.

– Female, 53

testimonialsBefore working with Teresa I could not control my temper. I was impulsive and always agitated. Hypnosis made it possible for me to learn how to control my emotions and behave in a calm way. Now when I look at people who behave the way I used to behave, getting angry and agitated over nothing, I just think: “I used to be this way, but I no longer am” and I feel great.

– Male, 45

testimonialsI have tried many different treatments in order to help me wear a CPAP mask. I have had 12 sleep studies, tried nearly 20 masks, attended special mask fitting sessions, and even went to a psychotherapist who specializes in helping people tolerate wearing the mask. But none of these treatments were successful – I still could not wear my CPAP mask.

I was desperate for sleep, so when I learned that my physical therapist was also trained in hypnosis I decided to give it a try. (I knew Teresa Sienkiewicz very well and I figured that if she believed in hypnosis and spent her time and money studying it, then I should give it a try.)

I had just one session with Teresa and the results of it far exceeded any expectations I had going into it. My experience of hypnotic trance was actually not what I expected – I thought I was supposed to feel groggy and out of touch, just the way I saw in movies, but as I now understand I was completely wrong. During the session I felt very relaxed and peaceful, but not out of touch. In fact, I felt very alert (my body was extremely comfortable, but my mind was completely alert). Because of that I thought I was not hypnotized and I thought that the session in no way would help me wear my mask. But since I was already there, I decided to make the best of it and enjoy the beautiful sense of calm I was experiencing, even though I thought it would not solve my problem with the CPAP mask. I did enjoyed hearing the positive suggestions that Teresa gave me, and I really enjoyed the feeling of peace and calm in my body when I was sitting in the recliner chair. When the session ended, I thanked Teresa and went home, all the while thinking that the treatment was nice, but unfruitful.

To my surprise, I slept that night with the mask on! I thought it was a fluke, but the same happened next night, then the next night, then the next. That’s when I realized that I was hypnotized during the session. Nothing else could have resulted in such a drastic change (for years I had not been able to use the mask at all).

Teresa gave me a recording of my session and explained to me how to do self-hypnosis. I do self-hypnosis every day, but have listened to the recording only a few times – I feel like I don’t even need to listed to the recording because I have Teresa’s suggestions in my head and I refer back to them not just when I am wearing a sleep apnea mask, but also when I am trying to do other difficult things in my life. I think that self-hypnosis plays a role in my treatment being so successful and in the longevity of the success.

As a patient, I would say that the most important factor was to have complete trust in the hypnotherapist. I trust Teresa, as she truly cares about her patients and you can feel her healing energy when she is completely focused on you. She has a wonderful rapport with her patients. I believe that if she did not have this gift, hypnotherapy might have not been as successful (and its results would have not been as immediate) as it was in my case.

– Female, 48

testimonialsI did hypnosis with Teresa because I wanted to stop biting my nails (I had been biting my nails since I was a young child). In the past I was always embarrassed when people looked at my hands, but it was only when my child was born that I became determined to stop that habit. My brother used hypnosis to stop smoking and it worked very well for him. I thought that if it worked for smoking it may work for nail biting. I was really surprised how well hypnotherapy worked for my problem. I had 4 sessions with Teresa and I am fully “rehabilitated”. My nails are long and I have no interest in biting them at all. I have also noticed that in addition to solving my nail biting problem, hypnosis also helped me sleep better and feel generally calmer and more optimistic. Overall, I had a very positive experience and I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who wants to change a bad habit or just to become a calmer person.

– Male, 39

testimonialsAfter years of conventional “talk” therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for treatment of general anxiety disorder and claustrophobia (with fear of sitting on an airplane as one of the major issues), I decided to follow my friend’s advice and try hypnotherapy with Teresa Sienkiewicz at New Body New Mind (my friend was Teresa’s client and had great results with hypnosis for panic attacks).

I had researched the topic of hypnosis with great interest, but also with a good deal of skepticism. Despite my hesitations, due to the fact that I had not made any real progress with my other treatments, I decided I would give it a fair try. My additional motivation was that my 17 year old daughter really wanted to go to South America and I was determined to go with her, but to do that I needed first to be able to get onto a plane. And how was a supposed to do it when even a thought of entering a plane was setting off a panic in me? So I drove over an hour to meet with Teresa and discuss my case.

I was greeted at her office with friendliness, care and compassion and felt completely comfortable and relaxed in her presence. She was very thorough during my initial visit and wanted to understand every detail of the issues I had hoped to resolve. I trusted her competence and credentials and somehow I was confident that she could help me and I was correct about that.

After just three sessions with Teresa, I was amazed at the outcome: I no longer had fears of closed spaces and was overall a more calm, relaxed and confident person. But the true test came during the trip to South America (yes, I did go with my daughter just three weeks after my third session with Teresa). I was completely calm and relaxed on the plane, just as I was feeling during my mental practice with Teresa when in hypnosis. Then, when we were in Peru, every day I was sitting in crowded cars, mini-vans, busses, trains, etc. and I was perfectly fine with that. At one point during our travels, our train broke down on the tracks in the middle of the Andes mountains. We were trapped for nearly 3 hours in a very crowded car with no air conditioning and limited water. It was the ultimate “test” for me and I was in total control. No panic whatsoever. During that entire time, I never once felt claustrophobic, anxious or fearful despite many people around me having a very difficult time. I knew immediately that my reaction to the situation was a direct result of the help I had received from Teresa. Also, during one of our numerous hikes, we had to navigate through a long, extremely narrow, dark cavern with no sight of the other end and again I was able to do it with no anxiety at all. It was such a liberating experience and I cannot thank Teresa enough for all her help and expertise.

To this day, I am able to travel and live with confidence having overcome the fears and anxieties that had plagued me for years. Hypnosis has changed my life and the life of my family for the better in the most profound way.

– Female, 49

testimonialsI have fibromyalgia. After many years of working with physical therapists and personal trainers and failing miserably because my body did not tolerate any exercise, I finally found Teresa, who knew exactly how to work with patients like me. I have never worked with anyone who would be as patient and as knowledgeable as Teresa. Initially, she was teaching me very simple movements, combined with breathing and for the first time in my life I wasn’t accused of being a lazy wimp. And I actually could do Teresa’s exercises without flaring up pain. As we went along, I was able to tolerate more and more activity. Now I have a customized exercise program, which I enjoy and which my body tolerates and I do it every day. I am so grateful to Teresa because I believe that my daily exercise routine helps me manage my debilitating condition.

-Female, 38

testimonialsThe connection between the mind, body, and spirit serves as the platform for Teresa’s healing hands. She provides the ultimate physical therapy experience in her beautiful, tranquil office. By encouraging your spiritual self to confront physical weaknesses, Teresa assists you by bringing both into harmony by integrating physical treatments with hypnotherapy. Teresa’s light touch during manual therapy session makes your experience comfortable, pleasant, and healing and her soothing voice allows you to completely relax when you are in hypnosis. I don’t know what I would have done without Teresa. She has taken me from the unmotivated, depressed, chronic pain patient, and has brought forth optimism and inner strength, making me dedicated to my life and my recovery process.

-Female, 44

testimonialsI came to see Teresa after all other treatments for my fibromyalgia had failed. I had also developed repetitive stress injury that prevented me from working as a computer professional. When I first saw Teresa, I was in constant pain. I was not able to type even one sentence on a computer, and writing by hand was difficult. I had to stop after one or two sentences because of the pain. I felt discouraged and disillusioned because I had seen many doctors and therapists, and none of their treatments were helpful. I was afraid there was no help available to me. Well, I was wrong. Thanks to Teresa, I no longer suffer from pain. I work full-time and write for pleasure after work. Teresa is truly a miracle worker!

-Female, 33

testimonialsI am not a patient of Teresa (my wife was), but I wanted to write a testimonial because her work with my wife has saved my life and my marriage. My wife has suffered from chronic pain, anxiety and depression all her life, which somehow we managed until 10 years ago, when it became unbearable. I was at the end of my rope (not to mention my poor wife!) and our life, as well as our marriage started falling apart. My wife’s acupuncturist suggested that my wife sees Teresa for hypnosis and specialized “massage”. This turned out to be a true life saver for both of us. My wife is now much more comfortable physically. And emotionally, this is the first time since I have known her she is optimistic and focused on things other than her pain (which is now greatly reduced). I cannot thank Teresa enough. I recommend her treatment to any person who suffers from chronic pain.

-Male, 58

testimonialsTeresa helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia pain and disabilities resulting from that diagnosis. When I met her, I was not able to work. I was socially isolated, and my life, in general, was a mess because of constant pain. My body was weak, and I was fatigued just thinking about any activity. Teresa was the first person who understood how to treat me without aggravating my symptoms. At first, she had to use the gentlest techniques (she was barely touching me), but I was pleased to see by how well the treatment worked. Within six months, I was able to start doing gentle exercises, and my pain was significantly reduced. A year from the start of my treatment I was able to work part time and half a year later I returned to work full-time. I still continue exercises that I learned from Teresa and if I ever needed treatment for any condition, I would not go to anybody else!

-Female, 54

testimonialsI was in my first year of college when my fibromyalgia pain stated preventing me from attending school. I was devastated and depressed. I was staying in bed all day because of pain. I lost all my friends and had no idea how I would live my life. My psychiatrist wanted me to see Teresa for hypnosis and physical therapy for pain. I did not believe it would work, but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. And it worked! It was a slow process, but now I am able to study full-time, I am going out with my friends and I know that as long as I take care of myself (doing my daily exercises and self-hypnosis) I will be O.K.

-Female, 19

testimonialsI came to Teresa with fibromyalgia, old injuries, and assorted sensitivities. I was delighted to find that she’s a highly skilled, compassionate, dedicated practitioner who’s constantly learning more, training more, and doing more for her patients. As far as I’m concerned, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy with Teresa are the way to go for chronic pain and soft-tissue conditions.

-Female, 61

testimonialsTeresa’s compassion and competent treatment have left me almost pain-free for three years now. I had been in chronic pain for several years prior to seeing Teresa, and Teresa made good on her promise to help me. Teresa’s expertise in fibromyalgia treatment led me to understand the disorder better and take measures to prevent any flare-ups and improve my quality of life.

-Female, 39

testimonialsTeresa is a master clinician and diagnostician, and a rare, wonderful healer. After several awful experiences with physical therapists and programs which used the “no pain, no gain” exercise approach to healing chronic muscle and tissue pain and inflammation, I was referred to Teresa. Teresa’s approach was totally different from I saw in other clinics. She did hands-on therapy (which was amazingly effective), taught me gentle exercises and stretches, and guided me slowly back to increased functionality—with humor and tough love.

-Female, 52

testimonialsI have had fibromyalgia symptoms since I was 16, I was diagnosed at the age of 30. In addition to providing pain relief through myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and ultrasound, Teresa has taught me how to control my thoughts and manage flare ups through self-hypnosis. I also learned how to pace my activities and what exercises to do every day to maintain my body as comfortable as it can be, given my condition. I know I will have fibromyalgia for the rest of my life, but now I also know how not to let it get to me.

-Female, 49

testimonialsBefore starting work with Teresa, I suffered from headaches for many years. She clearly knows what she is doing and I’ve seen tremendous improvement during the time I’ve seen Teresa. And while there is still work to be done (I needed to stop the treatment because I moved out of the country for a year), I expect nothing but a positive outcome. I would most definitely recommend Teresa to anyone I know suffering from headaches. She’s a true professional!

– Male, 25

testimonialsTeresa has really changed my life. I saw her because I was suffering from debilitating headaches. Teresa truly understood my pain, where it came from, and how it affected me and during her treatments she was finding areas on my face, neck, and shoulders that were triggering my headaches. I no longer suffer from headaches. I have my life back! Teresa truly excels in her field.

– Female, 42

testimonialsI was referred to Teresa by my doctor for treatment of a head and neck injury that resulted in migraine-like headaches. I could not work out because any exercise was causing severe migraines. I found Teresa’s treatments to be WAY more beneficial to me than any other treatments that I tried before. With Teresa’s treatments, my headaches resolved – I have not needed to come back and I am able to work out vigorously every day. Teresa is very knowledgeable in her field, and I would most definitely recommend her to others.

– Female, 31

testimonialsI began treatment with Teresa after a traumatic accident. She provided me with a thorough evaluation and a carefully executed treatment plan. Her very knowledgeable and professional care for my headaches and myofacial pain was coordinated with my other doctors. Teresa treats the entire person with great sensitivity and compassion. She gives you the most effective manual therapy and provides the highest level of commitment to your well-being. I owe my more comfortable lifestyle to Teresa and her wonderfully caring approach!

– Female, 41

testimonialsMy 13 y.o. son developed headaches. I took him to every doctor, but nothing seemed to help until he started treatment with Teresa. Teresa is great with children – my son absolutely loved her and allowed her work on his neck muscles, which was making a huge difference in his symptoms right from the beginning. My son also did hypnosis to learn how to relax and stop clenching his teeth (I had never thought that children his age experienced life as stressful, but now I am learning that this is quite common now). As a result of Teresa’s treatment my son no longer complains of headaches and seems to be much happier and more relaxed then he was before. We are so grateful to Teresa for that!

– Male, 13

testimonialsMy entire family is grateful to Teresa for helping me resolve my headaches and return to my healthy and happy self. All my life I had issues with my TMJ, but I was able to function with occasional jaw pain until I started also getting headaches (that happened when I was 27 years old, just after I had my first child). I saw many doctors and tried many medications and finally my neurologist diagnosed me with tension headaches, but he said that he could not do anything for it, other than prescribing muscle relaxants and antidepressants. I was devastated. I did not know how I would live my life like that!

I decided to try acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, but my headaches were still there. Then a person from my church told me about Teresa. When I saw Teresa first time, she easily found tender spots in my neck and explained to me what trigger points were and how these points were causing my headaches. She also evaluated my jaw and found trigger points in the muscles inside my mouth. Some of these muscles were also sending pain to my head. Everything Teresa was describing sounded exactly what I had been experiencing. I couldn’t believe that I found somebody who not only understood me, but also was able to treat me.
Our manual therapy treatments were very effective and within 4 months I was virtually free of pain. In addition to seeing Teresa, at her recommendation, I also started working with a dentist who made a day and night splint for me. About two months into my treatment I also did hypnosis, which I think helped me progress faster with manual therapy because it helped me relax all my muscles and sleep better.

I am feeling the way I used to feel before having my first child. My headaches are just a memory and if at any time I feel a pressure in my head (which in the past was always leading to a headache), I just take a few minutes and listen the recordings of my hypnosis sessions with Teresa. Once I relax (and I always relax when doing self-hypnosis), the pressure sensation goes away. I remember that when I started my treatment with Teresa I was hopeful, but I did not believe that I would ever be free of pain (I was hoping to just feel better). And now – I no longer have headaches, I feel happy and enjoy my life.

– Female, 33

testimonialsI was suffering from severe headaches and neck pain when I met Teresa. Her warm, caring bedside manner and her expertise in pain management / treatment were invaluable. I truly believe that my appointments with her were the reason I recovered as well as I did. I recommend her to anyone seeking relief from headaches and neck pain.

– Male, 48

testimonialsI thank God for Teresa! By the time I met Teresa, I had extreme head pain. I had been to several physical therapists before seeing her. From our first appointment I knew I was in the right place. Teresa exuded knowledge and competence, while making me completely at ease. Her treatment could not have been more effective. I traveled far (1.5 hours each way) for my appointments, but it was truly worth it. Teresa is the best!

– Female, 56

testimonialsI came to Teresa for treatment of severe headaches. I had headaches in high school, but by the time I finished my first year in college my headaches became unbearable. Prior to seeing Teresa I tired different forms of headache treatments, but none of them helped me (even medications had a limited effect). I couldn’t believe that after only a few manual therapy treatments I was starting feeling better. My entire treatment took about 5 months (I was initially coming twice a week, then once week, then every other week), but after that time I was feeling great! I have not seen Teresa for over a year now and I am still feeling good.

– Female, 21

testimonialsTwo years ago I drove nearly two hours each way to see Teresa for treatment of severe headaches and migraines. It was difficult to fit the treatments into my schedule because I run a busy business, but I did not have a choice – I got to the point I was afraid I would not be able to work. I knew that stress played a big part in my headache and migraine symptoms, so once I learned that Teresa was also a hypnotherapist I decided to also engage in hypnotherapy with her. I was amazed that within two months of us working together I was feeling 75% better – my baseline headaches were practically resolved (I just felt a sensation of tightness in my head, but there was no pain) and migraine attacks decreased from 2-3 times a week to just 3 in a month. With continued treatment, my headaches completely resolved and my migraines became sporadic (I had just 2 migraine episodes in the last year).

I am very grateful to Teresa for her help because not only my headaches are gone, but thanks to hypnosis, I am now able to handle hectic job and stressful life in a way that does not harm my body.

– Female, 45

testimonialsI am a competitive wrestler and a very active person during the off-season. I started having a lot of pain in my jaw and head, to the point that I had to avoid physical workouts for fear of the pain getting worse. Specialized doctors offered treatments that gave little to no relief. I was so lucky that a year or so later I was referred to Teresa. Since I started treatment with Teresa, I have been able to maintain my vigorous workouts and wrestling sessions with very little or no headaches. I attribute my progress to Teresa’s help, and I feel fortunate that I found her. Teresa knows what she is doing: see her! Aside from the fact that she is good at what she does, she is also really personable.

– Male, 19

testimonialsI began treatment at New Body – New Mind for severe, chronic TMJ pain. I needed extensive dental work, but because of jaw pain I could not open my mouth wide enough or long enough to do it (even dental cleaning with frequent breaks was setting me off so badly I could not function for weeks). After my sessions with Teresa, I was able to open my mouth wide without pain and I was able to start the overdue dental work. I have learned to always schedule treatments with Teresa pre- and post- any dental procedure and this allows me to recover faster and reduces the need for post-procedure pain medications.

– Female, 57

testimonialsWhen I first went to Teresa, I was having terrible jaw pain. Even my teeth hurt me! I was desperate because despite seeing many doctors, dentists, and even an acupuncturist, my pain was just getting worse and worse. I was frightened that I would never get better. My doctor send me to Teresa. Teresa treated me with patience and respect (and I remember I was not an easy patient – when we started I was at the end of my rope). She impressed me with her knowledge and experience right away and I just knew I could trust her. And I was right – her treatment provided me with the relief I had long sought. Teresa is not only an excellent therapist, but a caring, thoughtful, engaging, and understanding clinician who truly cares for her patients.

– Female, 53

testimonialsI started to see Teresa due to extreme pain in my jaw and neck from clenching and grinding my teeth. It was physical pain that had come from emotional trauma and severe stress. From very early on, Teresa seemed to understand what it was I needed, and even during our initial consultation, she suggested some techniques for me to try before I had my first formal manual therapy session with her. Teresa was very professional, but in a sensitive and warm way. Teresa worked gently, in a relaxing atmosphere. She always asked if what she was doing hurt, and if I had any residual pain from my last visit. She always told me what area of my neck, shoulders, and jaw she would be working on before she touched me. As she worked, she either spoke in a soothing voice to help me relax, or she would be peacefully silent. I hate to drive, and Teresa lived about forty-five minutes from my house. But I kept all my appointments with her because, out of all the treatments that had tried, my sessions with Teresa were the most beneficial. I always left her office completely relaxed and physically comfortable. Teresa taught me techniques that allowed me to relax my body when I felt it was tensing up and I have been using these techniques on my own ever since.

– Female, 46

testimonialsMy jaw felt very uncomfortable and a dental specialist determined that one of the muscles in my face was pulling my jaw out of line. She recommended manual therapy as a treatment option. She said that she usually refers her patients to Teresa Sienkiewicz. Because I lived an hour away, I was initially resistant to the idea of driving such a distance for each appointment, but since I trust my doctor wholeheartedly, I decided to at least try. So I set up an appointment with Teresa, and it was the best thing I have ever done! I can never repay Teresa for what she did for my jaw! I made many trips to Newton, and sometimes it took me over an hour and a half each way, but I would not go elsewhere. Teresa is simply the best!

– Female, 41

testimonialsAs a voice major in a college of music I was devastated when I started having problems with opening my mouth. I felt my muscles were in spasm and opening of my mouth became very painful. I could not eat, I could not sing. I became depressed and started thinking of changing my major. Hopefully my doctor referred me to Teresa. I felt a big difference in the muscle tension even after my first treatment. After 5 sessions my jaw pain was gone. Teresa not only knows how to treat TMJ, but who also completely understands how to work with vocalists, such as myself. After my pain was gone we worked on rehabilitation of my jaw. Now I am able not only to talk and eat without restrictions, but also sing for over 2-3 hours a day.

– Female, 19

testimonialsTeresa Sienkiewicz of New Body – New Mind played a crucial role in my long journey back to health and well-being. I am so fortunate to have been referred to her – she is simply the best manual therapist, physical therapist and hypnotist I know.

I always looked forward to every visit with Teresa, not only because of her professional expertise, but also because I really like(d) her as a person. She is very intelligent, extremely hardworking and a joy to be with. She is cheerful and gregarious and gives patients her undivided attention. She really listens, truly cares and offers thoughtful advice and reassurance. Her office environment is beautiful and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. During treatment, Teresa made me feel physically and mentally relaxed and well cared for. She exudes confidence and knows exactly what she is doing; you know you are literally in “good hands”.

Regarding my physical TMJ symptoms, I saw immediate improvements in pain, tightness, restrictions and trigger points in my face and neck fairly early on; I eventually saw marked improvements in these areas. Unfortunately, I had simultaneously developed chronic pelvic pain shortly after I began treatment with Teresa (a condition which must have begun years prior). While I continued with Teresa for treatment of TMJ symptoms, I needed to seek additional therapy elsewhere for this other complex and challenging disorder (Teresa referred me to an excellent practice for this). By this time, however, I was also suffering from serious anxiety and depression. All of these conditions proved to be overwhelming for me, and naturally, my progress slowed down.

The pain, anxiety and depression, the fear of not knowing when and if I my pelvic pain would get better (because my TMJ was by that time almost resolved), and the lack of my daily marathon training (so vital to my mental health), was crushing. Teresa was with me every step of the way, always listening to me through lots of my tears, and supporting me in the way nobody else had ever done. I decided to ask Teresa for hypnotherapy as a way to help alleviate my anxiety. She created personalized hypnosis sessions that I benefited greatly from. The messages from my hypnotherapy sessions are still with me in my mind and I continually derive strength and courage from them. Teresa invested the same level of expertise and caring into these sessions as she did with my manual therapy.

I am now back to my normal self. I had gotten my life back and I amazed myself by running my fastest Boston Marathon time with very minimal training.

I am so grateful for all Teresa has done for me. Throughout the nightmare of pain and suffering that I endured, a silver lining was coming to know Teresa Sienkiewicz.

– Female, 45

testimonialsI was being treated by Teresa for TMJ issues. Teresa was the first physical therapist I had worked with who utilized manual therapy as part of her treatment. Her approach is very calm and gentle and with her techniques, she is able to release the pressure that causes pain. When I started manual therapy, for the first time since I developed TMJ I started believing that I may be free of pain one day. Well, I have been pain-free for almost two years now. I have recommended Teresa to everyone I know and prefer Teresa’s techniques to other forms of therapy. From my experience with her, I have learned that proper manual therapy is the key to resolving jaw pain and overcoming the condition I have lived with for much of my life.

– Female, 38

testimonialsI suffered from chronic facial pain for years. I was seen by numerous doctors and therapists, none of whom were able to help me. I thought that it was a hopeless cause until I met Teresa, who has made a world of difference. She is an exceptional therapist, and she was the first person who was able to effectively treat my TMJ. If it was not for Teresa, I would still be living my life in pain. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone who suffers from pain.

– Male, 47

testimonialsI spent years with constant, severe jaw and neck pain that was intensified by the way my sleep apnea dental appliance affected the position of my jaw. I was truly in agony every minute of the day. I tried a daytime TMJ guard, chiropractic treatments, and acupuncture. Nothing worked. I was very discouraged. My orofacial pain specialist recommended manual therapy with Teresa. I honestly felt relief right after our first treatment session and was steadily improving with each subsequent session. I have worked with many physical therapists before for a host of conditions. I have never met a physical therapist like Teresa. She is one of a kind as she has a holistic approach and is willing to think outside the box. Teresa is a warm and caring professional. I recommend her to everyone!

– Female, 54

testimonialsFinding Teresa to treat my TMJ was a godsend. When I first started treatment, I could hardly open my mouth, and I was eating just mushy food. Sometimes even chewing oatmeal was painful! With treatment with Teresa, my muscles finally relaxed and my pain gradually decreased. Now I can eat normally, and I don’t have any more TMJ pain. There isn’t anyone else, anywhere that I’d recommend going to see if you have TMJ problems. (I drove to her 1.5 hours each way.) Thank you, Teresa!

– Female, 37

testimonialsI saw my primary care doctor to complain about migraine-like headaches, jaw pain and cracking, and limited ability to open my mouth. My balance was off, and I was experiencing some dizziness. I was pretty miserable. This was especially debilitating for me since I work as an engineer, and I need to be clear-headed to concentrate and do well. My doctor referred me to Teresa for manual treatment. I was completely amazed that there was any kind of manual therapy for this at all, and even more amazed that it worked that well. Thanks to the work with Teresa my pain is now resolved. Teresa is very knowledgeable and well connected to the medical community. I could not recommend her more highly.

– Male, 55

testimonialsTwo years ago I was experiencing disturbing symptoms, including numbness in my tongue, face, and neck, pain in the jaw, headaches and tightness in my chest. Doctor after doctor could not diagnose the problem. It wasn’t until I began to receive treatments from Teresa in conjunction with dental appliance therapy that my symptoms became manageable and eventually completely disappeared.

– Male, 37

testimonialsI went to a TMD clinic because of jaw pain. I asked for medications to relieve the pain, and instead they gave me Teresa Sienkiewicz’s phone number. My discomfort has improved dramatically under her care, and now I only need to see her for an occasional tune-up. She is unique in her caring, wisdom, and manual therapy expertise. I call myself lucky in finding such a gem in a person as well as a professional.

– Female, 58

testimonialsI suffered from terrible pain in my face and jaw. Specialists at the pain center I was being treated at referred me to Teresa, saying that she was “the best manual therapist and physical therapist they knew.” They were right – she is the best. After starting treatment with Teresa, I saw almost immediate improvement, and with continued treatment my pain completely disappeared.

– Male, 39

testimonialsHi my name is Robin, I am a 55-year-old woman from Rhode Island and this is my story. About 2.5 years ago I awoke with terrible jaw pain, which extended into my teeth. I spent the following 2 years going from doctor to doctor and was misdiagnosed with bi-lateral trigeminal neuralgia and a number of other conditions. I tried (unsuccessfully) many medications and finally, like most of you, I went on-line to research my symptoms. Eventually, I made my way to a pain clinic in Boston where I was referred to Teresa and my life had changed.

I started treatment with Teresa in her Newton office and I have to say that the ride from Rhode Island to see her is worth every minute. The office is calm, Teresa easy to talk to and work with and most importantly, when I didn’t have hope, she helped me to believe that I would get better. And I am better! With Teresa’s help I am off all medications, I am not in constant pain anymore and with each visit I am making further progress. By the way, after over 2 years of pain, I am still amazed at how quickly I responded to her treatment; not months of visits, just weeks. I knew I was better when riding home I began to sing and realized I could do so without pain (I had not been able to open my mouth like that and sing in years). If you are in pain, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, please see Teresa.

– Female, 55

testimonialsTeresa is a talented professional with detailed knowledge about TMJ and how it impacts the entire body. She’s a skilled therapist who provides pain relief and positive encouragement in a calm, warm way. She takes a genuine interest in her patients and their lives, which helps her to understand them better and treat them better. She also does hypnosis, which I found to be very helpful. If you suffer from TMJ there is no better person for you to see. I’ve seen many therapists before meeting Teresa and nobody was able to help me the way she did.

– Female, 41

testimonialsTeresa Sienkiewicz treats me for trigeminal nerve facial pain. As a result of her hands-on and skilled approach, I’ve been able to reduce my medication by more than half, greatly improving my quality of life. Her techniques are the best of any therapist I’ve seen: her treatment is very personalized, targeted, and effective. I drive two hours to see Teresa, and it is well worth it!

– Female, 58

testimonialsTeresa’s approach to therapy is practical and effective. Her manual therapy for my chronic TMJ-related discomfort has been incredibly helpful in managing an otherwise painful and potentially debilitating condition.

– Female, 47

testimonialsI don’t know what I would have done had I not met Teresa. I was suffering from TMJ since my teenage years and I got to the point where I lost any hope. A co-worker told me about Teresa. At that time I was so discouraged that I was not even sure I wanted to see another specialist – I was afraid it would turn out to be a dead end again. Eventually I decided to give it one more try, and I was so glad I did. From the first meeting with Teresa I was confident that she was the person who might be able to help me. Teresa exudes confidence and professionalism. She is full of energy, positivity and compassion. And she knows more about TMJ than anyone I’d consulted before. Teresa not only helped me with physical pain by working on the muscles inside my mouth (nobody else I had seen before worked on the face muscles), but she also taught me how to relax. We had a few hypnosis sessions and I loved it! I believe that hypnosis made a big difference in my recovery process because it helped me stop clenching my teeth and also taught me how to relax my neck and shoulders (which made a huge difference for the jaw). Hypnosis also helped me feel calm at my work and during stressful situations in life, which, again, helped me relax my jaw, neck and shoulders (not to mention, it made my stomach feel much better – I used to feel my stomach was in knots all the time). I have completed my therapy with Teresa six months ago and I truly feel I am a whole new person – physically and emotionally.

– Female, 53

testimonialsTeresa made me feel like I was not just another patient, but her only patient. I found Teresa to be more helpful than any other doctor, PT, or chiropractor I had seen for chronic TMJ pain. Her practice is very unique and her treatment is totally individualized. Not only she provided therapy for my jaw, but she also taught me to love my body and helped me accept the idea of change (or believe that change is possible) through hypnosis. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has pain anywhere in their body. She will be definitely be the one appointment you will not want to miss.

– Female, 49

testimonialsI would strongly recommend Teresa to anyone who suffers from TMJ. She is an expert in treatment of TMJ – her knowledge and experience is far superior to what other physical therapists I had previously seen were able to offer. After seeing Teresa for just a few weeks, I was feeling better than I had in years.

– Male, 32

testimonialsI am a professional vocalist. I came to Teresa because I developed pain in my jaw, which made it impossible for me to sing. Thanks to Teresa I am now pain-free and I have resumed my vocal career. I cannot thank Teresa enough for her professionalism, competence and compassion. Her understanding of TMJ is unmatched.

– Female, 35

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind helped me resolve chronic headaches and TMJ pain. Teresa is professional and results-driven, but at the same time she is compassionate and caring. She is passionate about her work and her intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills, and ability to think outside the box are unparalleled. In addition to providing a relief from headaches and TMJ pain, Teresa helped me understand my condition and taught me what to do in my daily life to remain pain-free. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of treatment of any physical pain.

Male, 45

testimonialsTeresa Sienkiewicz is a tremendously knowledgeable manual therapist, who is totally committed to her patients. To say that she changed my life is an understatement. Prior to working with Teresa I had suffered from severe headaches for over 30 years, during which time I had seen a whole range of doctors and health care professionals, but none of the treatments I tried were successful, until I met Teresa. Teresa was the first and the only person who offered a treatment that worked. I have now lived headache-free for almost two years! I would highly recommend treatment with Teresa to anyone suffering from headaches.

Female, 57

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind helped me resolve the chronic headaches and TMJ pain. Teresa is professional and results-driven, but at the same time she is compassionate and caring. She is passionate about her work and her intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills, and ability to think outside the box are unparalleled. In addition to providing a relief from headaches and TMJ pain, Teresa helped me understand my condition and taught me what to do in my daily life to remain pain-free. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of treatment of any physical pain.

Male, 45

testimonialsI have suffered from TMJ dysfunction for many, many years. When I first met Teresa, my facial pain was off the charts. I was taking strong pain medications and even on medications I could not tolerate physical touch inside my mouth. I also had difficulties with chewing food and opening my mouth. Teresa was the only clinician who was able to alleviate my pain (I had tried working with many people before seeing Teresa). Teresa is a wonderful therapist. She is caring and gifted, and I recommend her highly! I traveled from New Hampshire to Massachusetts to have manual therapy treatments with her, and it was worth every mile!

Female, 61

testimonialsI decided to do hypnotherapy with Teresa because I was struggling with insomnia for over 20 years and I got to the point that no matter how tired I was, I could not fall asleep without high doses of sleeping pills. Ever since I saw Teresa 2 years ago I have been sleeping all night without any medications.

Male, 61

testimonialsAfter years of psychotherapy I decided to use hypnosis to work on low self-esteem. I thought it would take me a while to see a difference, but I felt empowered and became more assertive even after my first session. I had 5 hypnosis sessions with Teresa and I must say that the results exceeded my expectations. I think that the best way to describe my transformation is to say that hypnotherapy did not make me a “new’ person – it helped me find my true self and learn to like and accept whom I found.

Female, 32