Alternative Exercise
Alternative Exercise
Alternative Exercise
Alternative Exercise
Alternative Exercise

We believe that movement is an essential element of physical and mental health. Healthy movement is vital for harmonizing mind and body, de-stressing, and developing natural grace and confidence.

Regardless of your age, gender, body shape, physical ability, and health status, you can find a form of movement that you’ll enjoy. For some, it may be sports and athletic activities; for others, it could be a meditative form of movement, such as yoga or Tai Chi. Your particular form of alternative exercise may be a spontaneous, dynamic activity or a controlled, fluid body movement combined with total relaxation of the mind. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose. What’s most important is finding a form of movement that brings together your body, mind, and spirit.

Move the body: design a plan that works for you

Many people try to meet their exercise needs by joining a local gym. But what if you’re either unable or uninterested in engaging in traditional gym-based workouts? Many of our clients come to us because they feel too self-conscious to go to a gym that’s crowded with slim, young, athletic people, exercising at high throttle. Some of our other clients have medical conditions that prevent them from participating in typical gym activities or group classes. Still others are simply not interested in gym exercises or sports; they would prefer to work out alone, but don’t quite know where to start.

At New Body – New Mind our goal is to help you develop an alternative exercise program that matches your personality, interests, lifestyle, fitness level, and health status. And even more importantly, we help you identify and practice exercises that you will truly enjoy.

How will we design your alternative exercise program?

To create your alternative exercise program, we will begin by discussing the types of activities you enjoy, the environment in which you would like to exercise, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. We will also speak with you about your long-term goals. We will take into account any medical problems you may have to ensure that your exercise program does not aggravate any of your medical conditions. Finally, we will assess your current fitness level to make sure the alternative exercise program that we develop does not put excessive demands on your body.

We will work with you one-on-one, in a fun and non-judgmental manner, where you can celebrate who you are and gain confidence in your abilities. The goal will be to focus on the progress you make, not on what others can do. We will respect your body and be patient if you need more time to learn a specific exercise or movement. We will make necessary adjustments to your exercise regimen should you experience any discomfort or if you have difficulty maintaining the correct form while performing a particular exercise.

As the name of our practice implies, we believe in the connection between the body and the mind. To that end, our alternative exercise programs at New Body – New Mind are designed to promote purposeful movement of the body, with the mind fully engaged and focused throughout the entire process. This approach results in better engagement of the exercised muscles, faster motor learning, and greater retention. Furthermore, it has a relaxing effect and promotes balance in your life.

Because each of our clients has different exercise needs, we don’t follow pre-established protocols. Instead, we design a customized program for you. We tend to mix various exercise and movement retraining approaches from yoga, Pilates (on a mat and on a ball), gyrokinesis, dance, Alexander Technique, and Feldenkrais Method, as well as more traditional resistive exercises and stretches. We typically combine movement with breath, and we pay particular attention to your posture and quality of movement. Our ultimate goal is development of a mindful exercise program that improves your health, fitness, vitality, and confidence.

Support your exercise routine with hypnosis

Our clients who experience difficulties with fitting regular exercise into their schedule may benefit from a few hypnotherapy sessions to eliminate subconscious resistance, replace negative beliefs and thoughts with positive and constructive thoughts and beliefs, develop a positive attitude towards physical activity, build self-confidence, and increase motivation.

Learn all about hypnosis in our hypnosis section.

testimonialsI have fibromyalgia. After many years of working with physical therapists and personal trainers and failing miserably because my body did not tolerate any exercise, I finally found Teresa, who knew exactly how to work with patients like me. I have never worked with anyone who would be as patient and as knowledgeable as Teresa. Initially, she was teaching me very simple movements, combined with breathing and for the first time in my life I wasn’t accused of being a lazy wimp. And I actually could do Teresa’s exercises without flaring up pain. As we went along, I was able to tolerate more and more activity. Now I have a customized exercise program, which I enjoy and which my body tolerates and I do it every day. I am so grateful to Teresa because I believe that my daily exercise routine helps me manage my debilitating condition.

-Female, 38

testimonialsI worked with Teresa on development of a personal exercise program. Because I had difficulties with motivating myself, we also did hypnosis to increase my motivation and find pleasure in physical movement. I am now exercising daily on my own and I love it!

-Female, 33

testimonialsI was in need for a strengthening program, which would not aggravate my pelvic floor dysfunction. I’d tried working with physical therapists, but I did not tolerate any lower body or core strengthening exercises. Teresa was willing to work with me in an unconventional way, utilizing exercises she created specifically for me. The main difference between Teresa’s style and the styles of other PTs I worked with (aside from the fact that Teresa was resourceful, creative and willing to work slowly and patiently) was her emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness training.

-Female, 28

testimonialsI worked with Teresa on development of an exercise program, which I could perform at home. I had never liked sports, so I wanted to create exercises which would combine dance, yoga and Pilates. I am very happy with the result s of our work. I do my exercises every day and, for the first time in my life, I enjoy my daily workout.

-Female, 45

testimonialsTeresa helped me unlock my body, utilizing non-traditional movement patterns and mental concentration.

-Female, 62

testimonialsTeresa helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia pain and disabilities resulting from that diagnosis. When I met her, I was not able to work. I was socially isolated, and my life, in general, was a mess because of constant pain. My body was weak, and I was fatigued just thinking about any activity. Teresa was the first person who understood how to treat me without aggravating my symptoms. At first, she had to use the gentlest techniques (she was barely touching me), but I was pleased to see by how well the treatment worked. Within six months, I was able to start doing gentle exercises, and my pain was significantly reduced. A year from the start of my treatment I was able to work part time and half a year later I returned to work full-time. I still continue exercises that I learned from Teresa and if I ever needed treatment for any condition, I would not go to anybody else!

-Female, 54

testimonialsTeresa saved me from back surgery! I had a bad sciatica due to multiple herniated disks in my back. I had scheduled surgery, but decided to give physical therapy another chance (I was treated in other physical therapy clinics, but with no success). Teresa’s approach was different from what I had received in other clinics. She did a lot of manual therapy and taught me different, not conventional exercises. And her treatment worked! My pain was gradually decreasing and eventually resolved, so I did not need surgery after all. To this day, I continue the safe exercises I learned when working with Teresa. I am so grateful to Teresa for all her help.

-Female, 51