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After many years of working as a physical therapist in different rehabilitation clinics in the Boston area, Teresa Sienkiewicz, M.S., P.T., M.Ed., C.H. decided to develop her own physical therapy practice in Newton, Massachusetts, to allow her patients access to the same quality of care that she would like her own family members to receive. Teresa created a peaceful and comfortable office environment to help her patients feel at home. Not constrained by the financial pressures of profit-driven organizations or insurance, she was able to allot enough time for each treatment session to provide individualized and focused patient care.

Teresa’s practice, New Body – New Mind, has evolved as a specialty physical medicine clinic for the treatment of TMJ/TMD, headaches, tinnitus and other associated musculoskeletal conditions, including: chronic tension and/or pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back, sensation of stuffiness or fullness in the ears, pain in the ear without ear infection or other ear pathology, aching of teeth in the absence of tooth pathology, perception of sinus pressure/pain when sinus pathology has been ruled out.  

Teresa will also work with patients seeking non-traditional treatment approaches for orthopedic dysfunctions or patients who have not responded favorably to conventional physical therapy.

New Body – New Mind has a holistic philosophy and integrates elements of traditional physical therapy, various forms of manual therapy, hypnosis and other unconventional approaches to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy, pain-free, harmonious body and mind.

testimonialsTeresa has been treating my family for the last 15 years. We feel very fortunate to have her as our physical therapist. She helped my husband recover from total knee replacement. I used her for treatment of back pain, shoulder pain and chronic issues related to TMJ. My daughter saw her for treatment of ankle sprain and, later, for treatment of headaches and neck pain. My son-in- law treated various sports injuries in her practice. We are grateful to have her as out family physical therapist.

-Female, 73

testimonialsTeresa is the reason I am able to play tennis. She treated me for a frozen shoulder. Prior to her treatment, I could not raise my arm. She treated me with skill and compassion (needed, as the treatment is rather painful). I have referred numerous friends to her. I would not be treated by any other physical therapist. Teresa is unique in her professional approach. She is intelligent and creative. She keeps the patient engaged with her passion for a good life.

-Female, 57

testimonialsMy experience at New Body – New Mind has always been excellent. I saw Teresa initially for advanced hip bursitis and later, for elbow tendonitis. Unlike other physical therapy services I had used before, the program at New Body – New Mind was totally customized and personal. Teresa really worked to understand my situation and developed solutions best for me. Her high standards for herself (and for me in following through with my exercises) paid off in getting me back into excellent physical condition. I was not only able to resume my daily activities without pain, but also pursue high level athletic and recreational activities. I recommend New Body – New Mind to any person in need of rehabilitation.

-Female, 55

testimonialsI injured my back about eight years ago, and after suffering from chronic flare-ups, decided it was time to be proactive and stop treating just the symptoms. A good friend recommended Teresa. After a full assessment, Teresa provided treatment and exercises (that were easy to do at home) to strengthen my back and maintain the posture my body required to remain comfortable. Each visit provided a re-evaluation of the exercises and of the treatment needed. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to see Teresa!

-Female, 45

testimonialsTeresa treated me for groin pain that made it impossible for me to continue competitive karate training. Teresa was the first person to diagnose me accurately with hip flexors’ sprain related to tight hamstrings. Her treatment was so effective that I was able to return to competitive karate after only six weeks of treatment.

-Male, 19

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind is a fantastic physical therapist who has helped me through a variety of ailments over the years, including a sprained ankle, as well as hip, knee, back, and TMJ issues. Teresa is unique in her ability to get to the bottom of the problem and then decide if to use traditional approaches or employ alternative treatments to resolve the issue. All my treatments with Teresa have always been very successful and I have enjoyed working with her immensely because of her upbeat personality and a caring attitude. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

-Female, 64

testimonialsTeresa’s kept all my family going throughout the years. Between all of us we have covered all possible physical ailments and none of us would go see to anyone else. We just hope Teresa will remain young and healthy forever, so we can continue coming to her when our bodies fall apart.

-Female, 49

testimonialsI saw Teresa for shoulder tendonitis. One of the great things about Teresa is that she helps you to relax from the moment you enter her door. She is a kind and considerate person, and she is interested in the whole person, not just the injury. She will work with you until you have completely healed. She is located on a main road, but there is easy parking behind her building.

-Female, 60

testimonialsTeresa treated my daughter’s knee pain and her plantar fasciitis. I was extremely impressed with Teresa’s ability to determine what caused the problems. Her treatment was extremely effective, and her ability to interact with my daughter and engage her in the treatment was superb! My daughter actually listened to Teresa (she does not listen to me) and faithfully followed all her instructions, including exercises at home. Not only did the treatments with Teresa resolve both problems, but my daughter has never complained of any pain since!

-Female, 14

testimonialsTeresa at New Body – New Mind is the best! My doctor suggested physical therapy treatment for my neck pain and shoulder tendonitis, and my sister, who is a registered nurse and former patient of Teresa’s, highly recommended her as well. At each session, Teresa inquired about any changes in my condition and there was a continued ongoing assessment of my progress, which indicated a total commitment to my receiving the best possible level of care. With Teresa’s help, my shoulder range of motion was consistently improving and shoulder and neck pain was decreasing, so I was soon able to stop all pain medications. I was treated at other PT clinics in the past and found my experience at New Body – New Mind to be far superior in terms of individual attention, appropriate treatment, and overall results. I highly recommend New Body – New Mind to all.

-Female, 58

testimonialsI am a competitive runner. I saw Teresa when I developed hip problems, which prevented me from running longer distances (and I paid for it when I attempted to run short distances). Teresa helped me resolve all my issues. I have been running with no problems ever since.

-Male, 19

testimonialsI am a soccer player, hoping to become a professional athlete one day. In the last two years I had many problems with my legs, mainly my knees, but I also injured my ankle and I had tight ITB. Teresa is my mother’s physical therapist, so I treated all my injuries with her. I think she is the best. She has always been able to help me and get back to playing soccer. She is also very cool and a fun person to be around.

-Female, 16

testimonialsI am very athletic, so I tend to get injured quite a bit. Over the years Teresa has treated me for a number of conditions: knee pain, tennis elbow, and hip bursitis—to name just a few. And each time, she has shown exceptional expertise and professionalism. I am glad I have Teresa to go to if I sustain another injury to my body. I completely trust her and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

-Male, 38

testimonialsI’ve been having back problems since I went to college, and the back pain got even worse when I started to exercise more often. I was referred to a sports physical therapist to treat my back, but the therapy was not helpful at all and my condition was getting worse. At a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try treatment at New Body ~ New Mind, and by the time Teresa completed my treatment, my back felt strong and I was pain-free. A big part of my treatment was work on my posture and strengthening of my core muscles. Teresa provided me with exercises to do every day at home. (I still continue my exercise program because I feel it allows me to stay pain-free). Teresa’s treatment has worked wonderfully, and I highly recommend physical therapy with her to anyone who has physical issues.

-Female, 25

testimonialsA friend referred me to Teresa for treatment of my upper back pain. I had tried virtually everything, including physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage for many years before starting treatment with Teresa. But my pain was just getting worse, and eventually it became so bad that I started taking time off from work every single week. Because of limited success with all my previous treatments I did not have high hopes for my work with Teresa. But I was proven wrong. At my first appointment Teresa explained to me what she thought were the causes of my pain. Her explanation was clear and logical – I am a scientist, and I was glad to see that my physical therapist uses a scientific approach. We started working together, and within a short period of time (4-5 weeks) I no longer experienced pain at rest. It took longer to resolve pain triggered by activity, but we were able to get to that point through carefully chosen exercises that I performed at work (while sitting in a chair) and at home. The entire treatment was well structured and practical and I came out of it with an understanding how to take care of my body and prevent recurrences of pain.

-Female, 47

testimonialsI was fortunate to meet Teresa a number of years ago when my regularly scheduled physical therapist could not keep his appointment, and Teresa substituted for him. I was immediately impressed with her abilities, and she has been my physical therapist since that day. Teresa is intelligent, caring, and conscientious. She listens carefully, and provides a peaceful atmosphere, which gives the patient confidence and the incentive to follow her course of treatment. She has helped me with several different problems that required physical therapy over the years (back pain, shoulder tendonitis, and hip tendonitis), and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy treatment.

-Female, 45

testimonialsTeresa is an extremely talented physical therapist who has helped me with plantar fasciitis, back pain, and TMJ issues in the last seven years. She is a very personable, caring therapist who treats patients in her warm, welcoming office with undivided attention. Her treatment and suggested exercises have always given me tremendous relief from physical pain.

-Female, 40

testimonialsTeresa has been enormously helpful to me, over the years treating my Achilles tendonitis, hip pain, knee pain and balance problems. She is knowledgeable, competent, and caring and I always enjoy her positive attitude. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy treatment for any condition – she’s simply the best!

-Female, 68