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Hypnotherapy at New Body ~ New Mind

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How we practice hypnotherapy

Hypnosis at New Body ~ New Mind is a collaborative and active process, with client empowerment being our highest priority. Therefore, you will actively participate in the structuring of your hypnotherapy program, including setting up the goals for each hypnosis session. Throughout the hypnotherapy process, you will progressively learn self-hypnosis. At the end of each hypnosis session we’ll give you MP3 recordings of specific parts of your session and we’ll ask you to practice self-hypnosis with these recordings. Ultimately, you will learn how to manage your problems independently, using the tools and strategies acquired through hypnotherapy.

What can I use hypnotherapy for?

When clients contact us to schedule hypnotherapy sessions they are motivated by a desire to change something about themselves. The majority of our hypnosis clients want to learn how to manage stress more effectively. Unfortunately, stress is a part of life: we cannot prevent stressful situations from happening, but we can learn how to respond to stress in a way that is emotionally and physically healthy. Some people want to change negative beliefs, perceptions, thoughts or emotions, unwanted automatic behaviors, addictions, habits, or body reactions and replace them by positive ones. Others seek hypnosis to alter central processing of sensory information (e.g. block perception of pain). Many clients pursue hypnosis to improve their work, athletic, or academic performance; some of them seek help to enhance memory, concentration, and retention of information in order to improve school performance or better prepare for important tests or examinations. And since there is a growing awareness of the effectiveness of hypnosis in treatment of various medical conditions, many of our clients use hypnosis to supplement medical treatment of physical or emotional problems (IBS, SIBO, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, insomnia, TMJ, fibromyalgia, headaches, infertility, sexual dysfunctions, … to mention just a few), control side-effects of medications, or to prepare for surgical procedures and help with post-surgical recovery. Read more about conditions most frequently treated with hypnosis >

What will happen during my hypnosis sessions at New Body ~ New Mind?

It is our belief that the brain establishes new neurological pathways in the same way that your body learns new movement patterns. When you are learning a new dance, you need to repeat the same sequence until it becomes automatic. Therefore it seems logical that practice of self-hypnosis and reinforcement of the suggestions that you’ve accepted during your hypnosis sessions will enhance the results of your program. At New Body ~ New Mind we will record your hypnosis sessions and we will give you MP3 recordings of the parts we’ll want you to work on at home.

During your first visit, we’ll review what problem(s) you want to work on with us and we’ll help you clarify your goals. We will also look at your medical history and discuss any previous interventions you might have tried. Once we are clear about your goals, we will explain to you what approaches may be used during your hypnotherapy process. Then we will decide together on the course of action.

After we establish clear, functional goals for your hypnotherapy intervention we will review with you what hypnosis is and explain to you how we’ll conduct your session. We will also explain how you will feel when you enter a hypnotic trance and answer any questions you may have.

Once you are ready, with your permission, we’ll start guiding you into hypnosis by giving you specific verbal instructions designed to help you enter a hypnotic trance. This part of hypnosis session is called the Induction Phase. Most our clients want to include stress management in their hypnosis intervention, so our hypnotic inductions always have a relaxation component. Throughout the Induction Phase we will monitor your responses and we will adjust induction instructions accordingly to make sure that you enter the appropriate level of hypnotic trance. We will test your trance depth at the end of the Induction Phase.

Once you are in a hypnotic trance, we will start Suggestions Phase of your hypnosis session. During the Suggestions Phase you will be using your mind to create thoughts and mental images intended to facilitate the changes that need to happen for you to meet your self-improvement, health or wellness goals.

After all suggestions are delivered, you will bring yourself out of hypnosis. Once you emerge from hypnosis you will feel rested and relaxed, but totally alert and sharp. You will be fully functional; you will be able to drive safely and return to your usual activities right after the session. Before you leave our office we will discuss your experience, review the goals for the next session, and explain to you how to work with the recordings of your session until you come back to us for a follow-up.

Your follow-up session will have a similar general structure as your first session. We will review your responses to the previous session followed by the hypnotic induction, suggestions, return to the usual waking state, and discussion.

During your hypnosis sessions you will be sitting in a comfortable recliner chair. The room will be well-lit and we may play relaxing music in the background. Even though it’s not necessary for you to close your eyes, nearly all our clients choose to keep their eyes closed because it helps them focus on the mental work they are engaged in during the session.

The number of sessions required to reach your goals will depend on the specifics of your case. Three to five sessions are typically sufficient to address one issue.

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How will I feel when I am in a hypnotic trance?

Since hypnosis is a conscious, alert state, a hypnotic trance will not feel “unusual” to you at all. During the entire length of your session you will know exactly where you are and you will have total control over your body and your mind. When in a hypnotic trance you will be able to think clearly and make decisions. When we invite you to focus on an idea or thought or ask you to create certain images in your mind, you will have the ability to decide if you want to follow our suggestions or not. If you choose not to follow our suggestions you will not enter hypnosis. That’s why we say that nobody can hypnotize you against your will. Once in a hypnotic trance, you will also be in total control and you will be able to emerge from hypnosis at any time you want. Specific sensations, emotions and body reaction you will experience when under hypnosis will depend on the type of hypnotic induction we’ll use to help you enter a hypnotic trance, as well as suggestions that you will decide to accept once the trance is established.

Let’s review just a few of the most common sensations our clients typically report as part of their hypnotic experience:


All our clients tell us that hypnosis is a profoundly relaxing experience. This is because the hypnosis inductions we use involve suggestions of relaxation, comfort, and safety and we reinforce the feelings of peace and calm as the session progresses. Even people who say that they can never relax physically or mentally and are skeptical about their ability to sit still for any period of time are shocked at how easily and naturally they enter into a deeply relaxed state.

We often hear comments such as: “I did not know what being relaxed felt like until I did hypnosis”, “I have never felt as peaceful and as comfortable in my entire life”, and “I was so relaxed and comfortable I wish I could feel like that every day– it is the best feeling I have ever experienced.”

Most people perceive physical relaxation as a pleasantly heavy feeling – the body becomes so relaxed and so comfortably heavy that something as easy as lifting a finger seems to be too much effort to undertake. Rather than feeling comfortably heavy, some people feel as if they were floating. And others don’t feel their bodies at all: (“I didn’t feel my body. I forgot about it. I was all ‘mind’ and no ‘body’ at all.”)

Physical comfort

Because we emphasize physical comfort during hypnotherapy (in addition to safety and physical and mental relaxation), our clients uniformly report that their bodies are totally at ease when in a hypnotic trance. Clients who arrive to a session feeling pain or discomfort in their body typically experience disappearance of pain during the course of hypnosis session. Furthermore, they remain pain-free after emerging from hypnosis and maintain that comfortable state after leaving our office.


Our clients tell us that hypnosis is a very empowering experience. Increased self-confidence, self-respect, self-reliance and an overall feeling of empowerment is a result of:

  1. The effects of ego-strengthening suggestions we use during hypnotherapy sessions.
  2. The empowerment resulting from the clients taking the driver’s seat and actively engaging in a process that helps them become the person they want to be.
  3. The clients realizing and seeing the evidence that their work creates real and lasting positive changes in their lives.
Absence of distractions or negative self-talk

During hypnosis sessions our clients observe gradual disappearance of distracting or negative thoughts: “I never thought it was possible to stop the constant chatter in my brain but it happened without my trying”, “At some point I stopped thinking about anything at all; I could think if I wanted to, but I was simply not concerned about anything other then what you were saying.”

Time distortion

In hypnosis time seems to flow much slower than in a regular state. This is because in hypnosis, perception of time shifts from external to internal (internal time is perceived as slower than external time).

Enhanced imagination

Another commonly reported feature of hypnotic trance is enhanced imagination. Our clients say that in hypnosis it is natural and easy to create and sustain images. The images, thoughts or sensations experienced in hypnosis are more vivid, more clear, more apparent, and more immediate than the same images, thoughts or sensations in the usual waking state.

Ability to access and intensify emotional states

When in a trance, our clients can easily access and intensify emotional states. Since our clients participate in guided hypnosis sessions, the feelings and emotions we guide them to intensify are positive. An interesting feature of hypnotically induced emotions is that they persist after the hypnotic trance is terminated.

Enhanced insight and memory recall

It’s not uncommon for hypnosis to produce a spontaneous insight or “Aha! moment,” such as finding an answer to a question or a solution to a problem you have struggled to solve for a long time. In addition to the creativity of the mind, our clients report ease with which they can bring up memories; in fact, it is common for our clients to recover a memory of a situation or event they’ve long forgot about.

Feeling of being in control

Our clients also say that during their hypnotic session they are aware of the fact that they can come out of hypnosis any time they want to, but the hypnotic trance is such a positive experience, they don’t want to end it before the session is over.


“After just three sessions with Teresa, I was amazed at the outcome: I no longer had fears of closed spaces and was overall a more calm, relaxed and confident person.”

“As a result of my (self-hypnosis) practice I am a much calmer, more self-confident and more optimistic person. I am very happy with the results of my hypnotherapy with Teresa and because of my positive experience I often recommend hypnosis to my friends and family members.” Read more about what our former patients say >



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