Manual Therapy Testimonials

For confidentiality, patients' names have been removed

testimonialsTeresa has helped me resolve carpal tunnel syndrome, which was interfering with my ability to work as a computer programmer. Thanks to Teresa’s treatments I am now able to work without restrictions and I am no longer concerned about my future.

-Male, 31

testimonialsI was fortunate to receive a recommendation to see Teresa for chronic neck pain and tightness, which I had suffered from for years. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy with other therapists had not worked. Massage brought only temporary relief. Manual therapy with Teresa proved to be so effective that we were able to fully resolve my condition. I am very grateful to Teresa for that, and I am glad I know where to come for help if I have any other problems in the future.

-Female, 48

testimonialsI have known Teresa for many years now. I have arthritis, and I cannot take any pain medications, so I see Teresa any time I develop pain in any part of my body. With Teresa’s help, I have been able to keep myself in good shape and maintain a cooperative body to enjoy a my life.

-Female, 71

testimonialsTeresa saved me from back surgery! I had a bad sciatica due to multiple herniated disks in my back. I had scheduled surgery, but decided to give physical therapy another chance (I was treated in other physical therapy clinics, but with no success). Teresa’s approach was different from what I had received in other clinics. She did a lot of manual therapy and taught me different, not conventional exercises. And her treatment worked! My pain was gradually decreasing and eventually resolved, so I did not need surgery after all. To this day, I continue the safe exercises I learned when working with Teresa. I am so grateful to Teresa for all her help.

-Female, 51

testimonialsThe connection between the mind, body, and spirit serves as the platform for Teresa’s healing hands. She provides the ultimate physical therapy experience in her beautiful, tranquil office. By encouraging your spiritual self to confront physical weaknesses, Teresa assists you by bringing both into harmony by integrating physical treatments with hypnotherapy. Teresa’s light touch during manual therapy session makes your experience comfortable, pleasant, and healing and her soothing voice allows you to completely relax when you are in hypnosis. I don’t know what I would have done without Teresa. She has taken me from the unmotivated, depressed, chronic pain patient, and has brought forth optimism and inner strength, making me dedicated to my life and my recovery process.

-Female, 44

testimonialsI am not a patient of Teresa (my wife was), but I wanted to write a testimonial because her work with my wife has saved my life and my marriage. My wife has suffered from chronic pain, anxiety and depression all her life, which somehow we managed until 10 years ago, when it became unbearable. I was at the end of my rope (not to mention my poor wife!) and our life, as well as our marriage started falling apart. My wife’s acupuncturist suggested that my wife sees Teresa for hypnosis and specialized “massage”. This turned out to be a true life saver for both of us. My wife is now much more comfortable physically. And emotionally, this is the first time since I have known her she is optimistic and focused on things other than her pain (which is now greatly reduced). I cannot thank Teresa enough. I recommend her treatment to any person who suffers from chronic pain.

-Male, 58

testimonialsI came to Teresa with fibromyalgia, old injuries, and assorted sensitivities. I was delighted to find that she’s a highly skilled, compassionate, dedicated practitioner who’s constantly learning more, training more, and doing more for her patients. As far as I’m concerned, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy with Teresa are the way to go for chronic pain and soft-tissue conditions.

-Female, 61

testimonialsTeresa is a master clinician and diagnostician, and a rare, wonderful healer. After several awful experiences with physical therapists and programs which used the “no pain, no gain” exercise approach to healing chronic muscle and tissue pain and inflammation, I was referred to Teresa. Teresa’s approach was totally different from I saw in other clinics. She did hands-on therapy (which was amazingly effective), taught me gentle exercises and stretches, and guided me slowly back to increased functionality—with humor and tough love.

-Female, 52

testimonialsI began treatment with Teresa after a traumatic accident. She provided me with a thorough evaluation and a carefully executed treatment plan. Her very knowledgeable and professional care for my headaches and myofacial pain was coordinated with my other doctors. Teresa treats the entire person with great sensitivity and compassion. She gives you the most effective manual therapy and provides the highest level of commitment to your well-being. I owe my more comfortable lifestyle to Teresa and her wonderfully caring approach!

– Female, 41

testimonialsMy entire family is grateful to Teresa for helping me resolve my headaches and return to my healthy and happy self. All my life I had issues with my TMJ, but I was able to function with occasional jaw pain until I started also getting headaches (that happened when I was 27 years old, just after I had my first child). I saw many doctors and tried many medications and finally my neurologist diagnosed me with tension headaches, but he said that he could not do anything for it, other than prescribing muscle relaxants and antidepressants. I was devastated. I did not know how I would live my life like that!

I decided to try acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, but my headaches were still there. Then a person from my church told me about Teresa. When I saw Teresa first time, she easily found tender spots in my neck and explained to me what trigger points were and how these points were causing my headaches. She also evaluated my jaw and found trigger points in the muscles inside my mouth. Some of these muscles were also sending pain to my head. Everything Teresa was describing sounded exactly what I had been experiencing. I couldn’t believe that I found somebody who not only understood me, but also was able to treat me.
Our manual therapy treatments were very effective and within 4 months I was virtually free of pain. In addition to seeing Teresa, at her recommendation, I also started working with a dentist who made a day and night splint for me. About two months into my treatment I also did hypnosis, which I think helped me progress faster with manual therapy because it helped me relax all my muscles and sleep better.

I am feeling the way I used to feel before having my first child. My headaches are just a memory and if at any time I feel a pressure in my head (which in the past was always leading to a headache), I just take a few minutes and listen the recordings of my hypnosis sessions with Teresa. Once I relax (and I always relax when doing self-hypnosis), the pressure sensation goes away. I remember that when I started my treatment with Teresa I was hopeful, but I did not believe that I would ever be free of pain (I was hoping to just feel better). And now – I no longer have headaches, I feel happy and enjoy my life.

– Female, 33

testimonialsI came to Teresa for treatment of severe headaches. I had headaches in high school, but by the time I finished my first year in college my headaches became unbearable. Prior to seeing Teresa I tired different forms of headache treatments, but none of them helped me (even medications had a limited effect). I couldn’t believe that after only a few manual therapy treatments I was starting feeling better. My entire treatment took about 5 months (I was initially coming twice a week, then once week, then every other week), but after that time I was feeling great! I have not seen Teresa for over a year now and I am still feeling good.

– Female, 21

testimonialsI started to see Teresa due to extreme pain in my jaw and neck from clenching and grinding my teeth. It was physical pain that had come from emotional trauma and severe stress. From very early on, Teresa seemed to understand what it was I needed, and even during our initial consultation, she suggested some techniques for me to try before I had my first formal manual therapy session with her. Teresa was very professional, but in a sensitive and warm way. Teresa worked gently, in a relaxing atmosphere. She always asked if what she was doing hurt, and if I had any residual pain from my last visit. She always told me what area of my neck, shoulders, and jaw she would be working on before she touched me. As she worked, she either spoke in a soothing voice to help me relax, or she would be peacefully silent. I hate to drive, and Teresa lived about forty-five minutes from my house. But I kept all my appointments with her because, out of all the treatments that had tried, my sessions with Teresa were the most beneficial. I always left her office completely relaxed and physically comfortable. Teresa taught me techniques that allowed me to relax my body when I felt it was tensing up and I have been using these techniques on my own ever since.

– Female, 46

testimonialsTeresa Sienkiewicz of New Body – New Mind played a crucial role in my long journey back to health and well-being. I am so fortunate to have been referred to her – she is simply the best manual therapist, physical therapist and hypnotist I know.

I always looked forward to every visit with Teresa, not only because of her professional expertise, but also because I really like(d) her as a person. She is very intelligent, extremely hardworking and a joy to be with. She is cheerful and gregarious and gives patients her undivided attention. She really listens, truly cares and offers thoughtful advice and reassurance. Her office environment is beautiful and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. During treatment, Teresa made me feel physically and mentally relaxed and well cared for. She exudes confidence and knows exactly what she is doing; you know you are literally in “good hands”.

Regarding my physical TMJ symptoms, I saw immediate improvements in pain, tightness, restrictions and trigger points in my face and neck fairly early on; I eventually saw marked improvements in these areas. Unfortunately, I had simultaneously developed chronic pelvic pain shortly after I began treatment with Teresa (a condition which must have begun years prior). While I continued with Teresa for treatment of TMJ symptoms, I needed to seek additional therapy elsewhere for this other complex and challenging disorder (Teresa referred me to an excellent practice for this). By this time, however, I was also suffering from serious anxiety and depression. All of these conditions proved to be overwhelming for me, and naturally, my progress slowed down.

The pain, anxiety and depression, the fear of not knowing when and if I my pelvic pain would get better (because my TMJ was by that time almost resolved), and the lack of my daily marathon training (so vital to my mental health), was crushing. Teresa was with me every step of the way, always listening to me through lots of my tears, and supporting me in the way nobody else had ever done. I decided to ask Teresa for hypnotherapy as a way to help alleviate my anxiety. She created personalized hypnosis sessions that I benefited greatly from. The messages from my hypnotherapy sessions are still with me in my mind and I continually derive strength and courage from them. Teresa invested the same level of expertise and caring into these sessions as she did with my manual therapy.

I am now back to my normal self. I had gotten my life back and I amazed myself by running my fastest Boston Marathon time with very minimal training.

I am so grateful for all Teresa has done for me. Throughout the nightmare of pain and suffering that I endured, a silver lining was coming to know Teresa Sienkiewicz.

– Female, 45

testimonialsI was being treated by Teresa for TMJ issues. Teresa was the first physical therapist I had worked with who utilized manual therapy as part of her treatment. Her approach is very calm and gentle and with her techniques, she is able to release the pressure that causes pain. When I started manual therapy, for the first time since I developed TMJ I started believing that I may be free of pain one day. Well, I have been pain-free for almost two years now. I have recommended Teresa to everyone I know and prefer Teresa’s techniques to other forms of therapy. From my experience with her, I have learned that proper manual therapy is the key to resolving jaw pain and overcoming the condition I have lived with for much of my life.

– Female, 38

testimonialsI spent years with constant, severe jaw and neck pain that was intensified by the way my sleep apnea dental appliance affected the position of my jaw. I was truly in agony every minute of the day. I tried a daytime TMJ guard, chiropractic treatments, and acupuncture. Nothing worked. I was very discouraged. My orofacial pain specialist recommended manual therapy with Teresa. I honestly felt relief right after our first treatment session and was steadily improving with each subsequent session. I have worked with many physical therapists before for a host of conditions. I have never met a physical therapist like Teresa. She is one of a kind as she has a holistic approach and is willing to think outside the box. Teresa is a warm and caring professional. I recommend her to everyone!

– Female, 54

testimonialsI saw my primary care doctor to complain about migraine-like headaches, jaw pain and cracking, and limited ability to open my mouth. My balance was off, and I was experiencing some dizziness. I was pretty miserable. This was especially debilitating for me since I work as an engineer, and I need to be clear-headed to concentrate and do well. My doctor referred me to Teresa for manual treatment. I was completely amazed that there was any kind of manual therapy for this at all, and even more amazed that it worked that well. Thanks to the work with Teresa my pain is now resolved. Teresa is very knowledgeable and well connected to the medical community. I could not recommend her more highly.

– Male, 55

testimonialsI suffered from terrible pain in my face and jaw. Specialists at the pain center I was being treated at referred me to Teresa, saying that she was “the best manual therapist and physical therapist they knew.” They were right – she is the best. After starting treatment with Teresa, I saw almost immediate improvement, and with continued treatment my pain completely disappeared.

– Male, 39

testimonialsTeresa is a talented professional with detailed knowledge about TMJ and how it impacts the entire body. She’s a skilled therapist who provides pain relief and positive encouragement in a calm, warm way. She takes a genuine interest in her patients and their lives, which helps her to understand them better and treat them better. She also does hypnosis, which I found to be very helpful. If you suffer from TMJ there is no better person for you to see. I’ve seen many therapists before meeting Teresa and nobody was able to help me the way she did.

– Female, 41

testimonialsTeresa’s approach to therapy is practical and effective. Her manual therapy for my chronic TMJ-related discomfort has been incredibly helpful in managing an otherwise painful and potentially debilitating condition.

– Female, 47

testimonialsTeresa Sienkiewicz is a tremendously knowledgeable manual therapist, who is totally committed to her patients. To say that she changed my life is an understatement. Prior to working with Teresa I had suffered from severe headaches for over 30 years, during which time I had seen a whole range of doctors and health care professionals, but none of the treatments I tried were successful, until I met Teresa. Teresa was the first and the only person who offered a treatment that worked. I have now lived headache-free for almost two years! I would highly recommend treatment with Teresa to anyone suffering from headaches.

Female, 57