Interval training has swept the work out scene recently, with better workouts in less time. The only problem: they’re not that fun. Multiple studies have had problems studying the effects of interval training because no one wants to do it. In Dr. Jens Bangsbo’s study, athletes had to be convinced into doing it and watched every time, otherwise most would not complete the assigned training.

But what if you want to do interval training, without having to get someone to talk you into it every time? Dr. Bangsbo started wondering the same thing, and came up with 10-20-30 training. It has shown to have the same effects as other interval training, and people actually stick to it, and even enjoy it!

To do a 10-20-30 training workout is pretty simple. Warm up with an easy jog (or row or bike), then start the intervals. For 30 seconds go at an easy, relaxed pace. Then kick it up to a moderate effort for 20 seconds, and finally give it everything you have for 10. Do this 5 times without any break, then rest for two minutes by standing or slowly walking. Do 5 more intervals without rest, cool down, and you’re done. If you are already pretty fit, you can add in another 5 intervals. Dr. Bangsbo suggests doing lighter exercise the next day, or at least not another of the 10-20-30 training sessions.

So there you have it; all the benefits of interval training, in less than 15 minutes, and fun.

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