As you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re slouching. Almost everyone does it. And while computers might have helped start the problem, texting is taking it to the next level.
In one recent study, scientists found that by increasing the angle of your neck by 15 degrees, your head puts around 16 more pounds of pressure on your spine. Increase the angle to 30 degrees and it jumps up to 29 more pounds than it should be. Not only can this cause acute neck and back pain, but it can also quicken the progression of arthritis and degenerative spine diseases.
Thankfully, with proper posture these effects can be slowed, and even potentially reversed. Some tips from the experts include using your arms to bring your device to your chest level without raising your shoulders, make sure that your head is centered above your neck, and take frequent breaks to stand up, move around, and turn your neck and torso from side to side.
Of course this only addresses “tech neck.” Don’t worry, there will be more blogs nagging you on good posture.
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