testimonialsOur son suffered from perseverative eating disorder (“picky eater”): there was a very limited list of foods he was willing to eat; he would not touch any fruit or veggies because he was repulsed just by a thought of them. Inadequate nutrition affected our son’s health and rate of growth. We got to the point that if he hadn’t improved his food intake he would have had to be hospitalized. We worked with a psychiatrist, psychologist, GI doctor and a dietitian but the situation was not improving. Eventually we became so desperate that we followed an advise of a friend whose daughter did hypnosis with Teresa and we scheduled hypnotherapy sessions for my son. We were amazed at the results of hypnosis. Teresa has real talent for working with children. Our son adored her and really liked his hypnosis sessions. Teresa was very creative, coming up with age- appropriate pictures, metaphors and messages that were meaningful and appealing to our son. She was boosting his self-confidence and praised him for even small accomplishments. Within just a few sessions we started adding some fruit and veggies to his diet and we were gradually expanding the menu. We also noticed a dramatic improvement our son’s his mood, ability to handle unexpected situations and new ideas. He also became more assertive and more confident and much more open socially. We had no doubts that all these positive changes were a direct effect of hypnotherapy. I am now a firm believer in hypnotherapy and I would highly recommend it as a treatment for both children and adults.