testimonialsI am not a relaxed person and I am an analytical skeptic, so trying hypnotherapy was a stretch for me. I did it because I felt I had no choice. The stress started affecting my health and I needed to learn how to handle it better. I trusted Teresa from the first time I saw her. I felt very comfortable in her office and I was completely comfortable with her – Teresa was very professional, but also warm and caring; she was a good listener and I immediately felt I could trust her.

I thought I would have difficulties relaxing and going into hypnosis because I had never been able to relax when trying to meditate at home. To my surprise, even at the first session I had no trouble following the messages and cues from Teresa and I relaxed very fast and very deeply. I was surprised how easy it was: I just listened to what Teresa was saying and before I knew, I felt so safe and so comfortable that I didn’t care about anything else. I could see every image Teresa was describing to me, from sitting in a cloud chair to pulling out a plug in a bath tub and sending stress down the drain. I couldn’t believe how comfortable and relaxed my body became – I did not feel my body at all (even though I was aware of it), just as I did not have any thoughts popping into my mind (even though I knew I could think if I wanted to).

At my next two sessions I went into hypnosis even deeper because I already knew how to relax and I practiced going into hypnosis at home (Teresa gave me recordings of my sessions). When in deep trance, I could still talk and remain in hypnosis. Just like the first time, all imagery used by Teresa promoted a sense of calm, peace, safety and comfort, but this time in addition to feeling relaxed and peaceful we were also working on my issues and imagining specific stress-producing life situations and developing new reactions to these situations.

The work I did through hypnosis has completely altered my life. I still practice with the recordings of my sessions because I benefit from it. As a result of my (self-hypnosis) practice I am a much calmer, more self-confident and more optimistic person. I am very happy with the results of my hypnotherapy with Teresa and because of my positive experience I often recommend hypnosis to my friends and family members.