testimonialsI am writing it to you to thank you for my first hypnosis session we had yesterday. It was truly a new beginning. During the session I felt like I was in a lullaby, floating around on a cloud without knowing or thinking about time or about where I was. I didn’t have my “guard’ up and even though we were addressing my key issues – somehow I didn’t concern myself with them. Hypnosis was the most liberating mental experience I have ever had – when I was in your office I felt released from all the issues I had been spending the majority of my time thinking about. Released, yet totally tuned in and connected to the positive messages I was hearing from you. It was the calmness that I always have wanted, but had never been able to find. I loved it! Yesterday night, just before going to bed, I listened to the recording you gave me. I find your voice very soothing and calming and within a few minutes, again, I experienced the same feelings of total relaxation I felt in your office. I didn’t expect that I could get so relaxed on my own before bed since I usually stress out about being able to fall asleep. I fell asleep really fast and I slept until 7:30 am today! I woke up feeling great and I enjoyed my coffee and a quiet mind. I can’t stress enough what a HUGE achievement it is for someone like me who’s been wound up all the time. I used to wake up at 3 in the morning and feel like I had already run out of time in the day. I always worried about how I’d get it all done. Today was the first time in many, many years I felt completely different. Thank you Teresa and I look forward to our next session.