testimonialsHypnosis has had a very positive effect on my life. I came to Teresa because I was overwhelmed by my hectic schedule. I have three children who participate in many after school activities and athletic events. I am often also responsible for picking up their friends and driving a number of excited, loud kids in my car. As a result of that I was feeling frazzled, anxious and getting everyone to where they needed to be on time was really overwhelming to me. I felt that this stress was contributing to my headaches, which were usually worse in the afternoon. The hypnosis sessions with Teresa were very helpful to me. I especially liked the suggestions addressing directly this rushing around. In hypnosis Teresa told me that the internal time flowed much slower than the external time, so that as long as I remain peaceful and calm I will always have plenty of time for everything and that the more I relax around the concept of time, the more I will find time stretching and expanding. To my amazement I was quickly way less stressed while driving the kids around and I no longer feel anxious about getting everyone where they need to be. In fact, now that I am not stressed we actually arrive everywhere much earlier than before (while when I used to be stressed, we were always late). This may seem like a small achievement but getting kids to multiple places happens 7 days a week at multiple times per day, so to me it is a big thing.

I would recommend hypnosis to anyone, as it is safe and non-invasive and can be maintained in the comfort of your home after initial sessions. Self-hypnosis is my best tool for relaxation. Even though my work with Teresa is complete, I am still using recordings from my hypnosis sessions on a regular basis because I like the relaxation effect and I see the positive effects of my practice in all areas of my life.