testimonialsWhen my daughter was 13 she wanted to go to an overnight camp with her friends. But this was a problem: she was terrified of thunder and had panic attacks every time she heard it. The problem became so bad I could see she was getting anxious on rainy days or when she saw clouds gathering before rain. Unfortunately, we have many thunder storms in the summer, so if she were to go to a camp, she would have to resolve her anxiety and panic attacks.

My daughter had worked with a child psychiatrist on this issue but, unfortunately, she had not made any progress. Eventually her psychiatrist suggested hypnosis.

Teresa worked with my daughter for 5 weeks. Two weeks after her last session we had a chance to test how hypnosis worked – there was a major storm with thunder and lighting and, to our astonishment, my daughter was perfectly calm. (I became nervous and rushed to her room to console her and she was just sitting on her bed, reading a book, completely relaxed. I could not believe my eyes). Thanks to hypnosis my daughter is no longer afraid of thunder. She’s been doing what every child her age does: going to camp, having sleep-overs, going on trips, etc. and I no longer keep checking weather reports to keep her safe.