testimonialsI scheduled hypnosis sessions with Teresa when I learned that I needed a major surgery because I had anxiety related to medical procedures and I was terrified of needles. I was fainting every time I had my blood drawn (I was not able to do the pre-op blood work), I could not imagine having an IV line in my vein and I was feeling anxious just thinking about the surgery. Hypnosis helped me not only with pre-op tests involving blood drawing (after doing hypnosis I was perfectly calm during blood drawing, even though the nurse who did it had difficulties finding my veins and needed to repeat the procedure number of times), but it also prepared me for surgery and for post-surgical recovery. I felt no anxiety entering the hospital and going into the surgery – on the day of my surgery I felt exactly the way Teresa described to me when I was in hypnosis – and I felt completely calm when I woke up in the recovery room with IVs in my veins. My fear of needles, hospitals and medical procedure is fully resolved now, thanks to hypnosis.