testimonialsI started to see Teresa due to extreme pain in my jaw and neck from clenching and grinding my teeth. It was physical pain that had come from emotional trauma and severe stress. From very early on, Teresa seemed to understand what it was I needed, and even during our initial consultation, she suggested some techniques for me to try before I had my first formal manual therapy session with her. Teresa was very professional, but in a sensitive and warm way. Teresa worked gently, in a relaxing atmosphere. She always asked if what she was doing hurt, and if I had any residual pain from my last visit. She always told me what area of my neck, shoulders, and jaw she would be working on before she touched me. As she worked, she either spoke in a soothing voice to help me relax, or she would be peacefully silent. I hate to drive, and Teresa lived about forty-five minutes from my house. But I kept all my appointments with her because, out of all the treatments that had tried, my sessions with Teresa were the most beneficial. I always left her office completely relaxed and physically comfortable. Teresa taught me techniques that allowed me to relax my body when I felt it was tensing up and I have been using these techniques on my own ever since.