testimonialsHi my name is Robin, I am a 55-year-old woman from Rhode Island and this is my story. About 2.5 years ago I awoke with terrible jaw pain, which extended into my teeth. I spent the following 2 years going from doctor to doctor and was misdiagnosed with bi-lateral trigeminal neuralgia and a number of other conditions. I tried (unsuccessfully) many medications and finally, like most of you, I went on-line to research my symptoms. Eventually, I made my way to a pain clinic in Boston where I was referred to Teresa and my life had changed.

I started treatment with Teresa in her Newton office and I have to say that the ride from Rhode Island to see her is worth every minute. The office is calm, Teresa easy to talk to and work with and most importantly, when I didn’t have hope, she helped me to believe that I would get better. And I am better! With Teresa’s help I am off all medications, I am not in constant pain anymore and with each visit I am making further progress. By the way, after over 2 years of pain, I am still amazed at how quickly I responded to her treatment; not months of visits, just weeks. I knew I was better when riding home I began to sing and realized I could do so without pain (I had not been able to open my mouth like that and sing in years). If you are in pain, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, please see Teresa.