testimonialsI don’t know what I would have done had I not met Teresa. I was suffering from TMJ since my teenage years and I got to the point where I lost any hope. A co-worker told me about Teresa. At that time I was so discouraged that I was not even sure I wanted to see another specialist – I was afraid it would turn out to be a dead end again. Eventually I decided to give it one more try, and I was so glad I did. From the first meeting with Teresa I was confident that she was the person who might be able to help me. Teresa exudes confidence and professionalism. She is full of energy, positivity and compassion. And she knows more about TMJ than anyone I’d consulted before. Teresa not only helped me with physical pain by working on the muscles inside my mouth (nobody else I had seen before worked on the face muscles), but she also taught me how to relax. We had a few hypnosis sessions and I loved it! I believe that hypnosis made a big difference in my recovery process because it helped me stop clenching my teeth and also taught me how to relax my neck and shoulders (which made a huge difference for the jaw). Hypnosis also helped me feel calm at my work and during stressful situations in life, which, again, helped me relax my jaw, neck and shoulders (not to mention, it made my stomach feel much better – I used to feel my stomach was in knots all the time). I have completed my therapy with Teresa six months ago and I truly feel I am a whole new person – physically and emotionally.