TMJ and Myofascial Pain

How can muscle tension cause TMJ pain?

If any muscle in your body tightens up and maintains that tension for a long period of time, it will eventually develop knots or nodule-like spots inside it. These knots are easy to find because in addition to having a distinct, nodule-like texture, they are tender when you apply pressure to them. These tender knots within a contracted muscle are called myofascial trigger points. (Myo means muscle, and fascia is the connective tissue that holds it together.)

Although trigger points are sensitive to pressure, they initially don’t cause any problems. Yet over time, myofascial trigger points start producing a sensation of pain in distant sites. That type of pain is called referred pain, because it originates from places outside of where you perceive it.

Pain referred from myofascial trigger points is called myofascial pain. If left untreated, myofascial pain may become chronic and develop into a condition known as myofascial pain syndrome (or myofascial pain disorder).

As we stated earlier, in most cases, TMJ pain is caused by chronically tight face muscles and is myofascial in nature.

Each muscle in the body tends to develop myofascial trigger points in specific locations. And each trigger point has a specific pattern of pain referral. Trigger points in the face muscles refer pain to various areas of the face, jaw, ear, eye, head, and teeth.

Here are some examples of referral patterns for some of the most common trigger points in the muscles of the face. The black x sign indicates a trigger point within a muscle and areas marked in red illustrate where that trigger point sends the referred pain:

TMJ Tension

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testimonialsFinding Teresa to treat my TMJ was a godsend. When I first started treatment, I could hardly open my mouth, and I was eating just mushy food. Sometimes even chewing oatmeal was painful! With treatment with Teresa, my muscles finally relaxed and my pain gradually decreased. Now I can eat normally, and I don’t have any more TMJ pain. There isn’t anyone else, anywhere that I’d recommend going to see if you have TMJ problems. (I drove to her 1.5 hours each way.) Thank you, Teresa!

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Regarding my physical TMJ symptoms, I saw immediate improvements in pain, tightness, restrictions and trigger points in my face and neck fairly early on; I eventually saw marked improvements in these areas. Unfortunately, I had simultaneously developed chronic pelvic pain shortly after I began treatment with Teresa (a condition which must have begun years prior). While I continued with Teresa for treatment of TMJ symptoms, I needed to seek additional therapy elsewhere for this other complex and challenging disorder (Teresa referred me to an excellent practice for this). By this time, however, I was also suffering from serious anxiety and depression. All of these conditions proved to be overwhelming for me, and naturally, my progress slowed down.

The pain, anxiety and depression, the fear of not knowing when and if I my pelvic pain would get better (because my TMJ was by that time almost resolved), and the lack of my daily marathon training (so vital to my mental health), was crushing. Teresa was with me every step of the way, always listening to me through lots of my tears, and supporting me in the way nobody else had ever done. I decided to ask Teresa for hypnotherapy as a way to help alleviate my anxiety. She created personalized hypnosis sessions that I benefited greatly from. The messages from my hypnotherapy sessions are still with me in my mind and I continually derive strength and courage from them. Teresa invested the same level of expertise and caring into these sessions as she did with my manual therapy.

I am now back to my normal self. I had gotten my life back and I amazed myself by running my fastest Boston Marathon time with very minimal training.

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– Female, 45

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– Female, 55

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– Female, 41

testimonialsI spent years with constant, severe jaw and neck pain that was intensified by the way my sleep apnea dental appliance affected the position of my jaw. I was truly in agony every minute of the day. I tried a daytime TMJ guard, chiropractic treatments, and acupuncture. Nothing worked. I was very discouraged. My orofacial pain specialist recommended manual therapy with Teresa. I honestly felt relief right after our first treatment session and was steadily improving with each subsequent session. I have worked with many physical therapists before for a host of conditions. I have never met a physical therapist like Teresa. She is one of a kind as she has a holistic approach and is willing to think outside the box. Teresa is a warm and caring professional. I recommend her to everyone!

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– Female, 58

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– Female, 35

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– Female, 19

testimonialsTwo years ago I was experiencing disturbing symptoms, including numbness in my tongue, face, and neck, pain in the jaw, headaches and tightness in my chest. Doctor after doctor could not diagnose the problem. It wasn’t until I began to receive treatments from Teresa in conjunction with dental appliance therapy that my symptoms became manageable and eventually completely disappeared.

– Male, 37

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– Female, 58

testimonialsI began treatment at New Body – New Mind for severe, chronic TMJ pain. I needed extensive dental work, but because of jaw pain I could not open my mouth wide enough or long enough to do it (even dental cleaning with frequent breaks was setting me off so badly I could not function for weeks). After my sessions with Teresa, I was able to open my mouth wide without pain and I was able to start the overdue dental work. I have learned to always schedule treatments with Teresa pre- and post- any dental procedure and this allows me to recover faster and reduces the need for post-procedure pain medications.

– Female, 57

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– Female, 53

testimonialsTeresa made me feel like I was not just another patient, but her only patient. I found Teresa to be more helpful than any other doctor, PT, or chiropractor I had seen for chronic TMJ pain. Her practice is very unique and her treatment is totally individualized. Not only she provided therapy for my jaw, but she also taught me to love my body and helped me accept the idea of change (or believe that change is possible) through hypnosis. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has pain anywhere in their body. She will be definitely be the one appointment you will not want to miss.

– Female, 49

testimonialsTeresa is a talented professional with detailed knowledge about TMJ and how it impacts the entire body. She’s a skilled therapist who provides pain relief and positive encouragement in a calm, warm way. She takes a genuine interest in her patients and their lives, which helps her to understand them better and treat them better. She also does hypnosis, which I found to be very helpful. If you suffer from TMJ there is no better person for you to see. I’ve seen many therapists before meeting Teresa and nobody was able to help me the way she did.

– Female, 41

testimonialsI suffered from terrible pain in my face and jaw. Specialists at the pain center I was being treated at referred me to Teresa, saying that she was “the best manual therapist and physical therapist they knew.” They were right – she is the best. After starting treatment with Teresa, I saw almost immediate improvement, and with continued treatment my pain completely disappeared.

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Male, 45

testimonialsI started to see Teresa due to extreme pain in my jaw and neck from clenching and grinding my teeth. It was physical pain that had come from emotional trauma and severe stress. From very early on, Teresa seemed to understand what it was I needed, and even during our initial consultation, she suggested some techniques for me to try before I had my first formal manual therapy session with her. Teresa was very professional, but in a sensitive and warm way. Teresa worked gently, in a relaxing atmosphere. She always asked if what she was doing hurt, and if I had any residual pain from my last visit. She always told me what area of my neck, shoulders, and jaw she would be working on before she touched me. As she worked, she either spoke in a soothing voice to help me relax, or she would be peacefully silent. I hate to drive, and Teresa lived about forty-five minutes from my house. But I kept all my appointments with her because, out of all the treatments that had tried, my sessions with Teresa were the most beneficial. I always left her office completely relaxed and physically comfortable. Teresa taught me techniques that allowed me to relax my body when I felt it was tensing up and I have been using these techniques on my own ever since.

– Female, 46