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How is New Body ~ New Mind different from other clinics?

why choose newbody newmind

We are a small, therapist-owned private practice.

Concern for your well-being, not financial profit, is our primary consideration.

We do not differentiate treatment based on your source of payment.

Whether you are a private-pay patient or you have insurance coverage, you receive the same quality of care.

The physical set up of our office is different from sterile medical facilities.

At New Body ~ New Mind you receive treatment in a safe, nurturing, relaxed, and aesthetically pleasing environment to match our holistic, integrative, total-body treatment approach.

We deliver unique, specialized, expert medical care with compassion and patience.

We never judge you and we don’t blame you for your symptoms. Instead, we show you respect, understanding, and care. We support you as you take each step—no matter how small—toward wellness and health.

We actively listen to you and never question what you say.

We always consider your needs and respect your choices. You are a complete participant in all treatment decisions and goals. You are always able to ask questions.

We treat more than just your symptoms.

We identify and treat the underlying causes and dysfunctions. Our ultimate goal is not just resolution of a current issue, but a lifelong state of optimal health.

We integrate various treatment approaches and techniques to attend to the entire body, mind, and spirit.

Our medical training and clinical expertise allow us to combine conventional treatments with more alternative approaches (according to your needs and your philosophical preferences) to facilitate your healing process. We specialize in hypnosis, integrative manual therapy, alternative exercise, movement retraining. We also provide more traditional physical therapy treatment services.

We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to treatment because we value your individual needs.

You always receive personalized attention, and your individualized treatment plan is developed based on your current condition, lifestyle preferences, and specific demands of your daily work and life.

You are always treated by a licensed physical therapist (or if you are receiving hypnotherapy services, a certified hypnotist).

Your therapist works with you throughout the entire length of your session; you are never assigned an assistant, aide, or student.

We respect your privacy.

You are always treated in a comfortable, private room.

We value your time.

Appointments start and end on schedule. We never double book appointments.

We provide both traditional and holistic health and wellness services.

We cover a spectrum of wellness and rehabilitation services, from prevention of injuries to treatment of existing problems to maintenance of a healthy body throughout your life. In addition to traditional physical therapy our practice offers holistic, integrative, whole body treatments with an emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness training, as well as hypnosis / hypnotherapy services.

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