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Alternative Exercise: Patient Testimonials


I was in need for a strengthening program, which would not aggravate my pelvic floor dysfunction. I’d tried working with physical therapists, but I did not tolerate any lower body or core strengthening exercises. Teresa was willing to work with me in an unconventional way, utilizing exercises she created specifically for me. The main difference between Teresa’s style and the styles of other PTs I worked with (aside from the fact that Teresa was resourceful, creative and willing to work slowly and patiently) was her emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness training.

-Female, 28

I have fibromyalgia. After many years of working with physical therapists and personal trainers and failing miserably because my body did not tolerate any exercise, I finally found Teresa, who knew exactly how to work with patients like me. I have never worked with anyone who would be as patient and as knowledgeable as Teresa. Initially, she was teaching me very simple movements, combined with breathing and for the first time in my life I wasn’t accused of being a lazy wimp. And I actually could do Teresa’s exercises without flaring up pain. As we went along, I was able to tolerate more and more activity. Now I have a customized exercise program, which I enjoy and which my body tolerates and I do it every day. I am so grateful to Teresa because I believe that my daily exercise routine helps me manage my debilitating condition.

-Female, 38

I worked with Teresa on development of an exercise program, which I could perform at home. I had never liked sports, so I wanted to create exercises which would combine dance, yoga and Pilates. I am very happy with the result s of our work. I do my exercises every day and, for the first time in my life, I enjoy my daily workout.

-Female, 45

Teresa saved me from back surgery! I had a bad sciatica due to multiple herniated disks in my back. I had scheduled surgery, but decided to give physical therapy another chance (I was treated in other physical therapy clinics, but with no success). Teresa’s approach was different from what I had received in other clinics. She did a lot of manual therapy and taught me different, not conventional exercises. And her treatment worked! My pain was gradually decreasing and eventually resolved, so I did not need surgery after all. To this day, I continue the safe exercises I learned when working with Teresa. I am so grateful to Teresa for all her help.

-Female, 51

Teresa helped me unlock my body, utilizing non-traditional movement patterns and mental concentration.

-Female, 62

I worked with Teresa on development of a personal exercise program. Because I had difficulties with motivating myself, we also did hypnosis to increase my motivation and find pleasure in physical movement. I am now exercising daily on my own and I love it!

-Female, 33

(For confidentiality, patients’ names have been removed.)

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